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  1. Bah. I remember doing in original Windows 95. I was amazed!
  2. Funny. I did this with my friend's dad's 386 PC when I went to his house. He also did ACAD for living. Haha. Eventually, I got my own custom built 486 DX2/66 PC after IBM PS/2 model 30 286 (can't run DOOM).
  3. You were testing its audio cards at the same time. ;)
  4. Perfect and thanks. Wow, that video made me dizzy!
  5. My next door neighbor (386) and I (486 DX2/66) did over dial-up modems! We preferred that over deathmatch. ;) And then, came with SirDOOm via BBS. Wow, four players. :O Thank you in advance. :)
  6. Did anyone try it back then? Also, why did id Software remove it? Thank you in advance. :)
  7. There are download links in my link. ;)
  8. Ha. Nice. Boo, that game machine blew up too. :(
  9. Better late than never, but here are mine from the mid 90s (even uploaded them to [remember that old schoolers?]):
  10. Wasn't there a history of E2M2 design like from John Romero or someone?
  11. Don't feel bad. I still suck in math even basics.
  12. I loved E1 as a fan of base level designs. I didn't like hell and Earth maps much.
  13. Ew! Console port?
  14. What map is that?
  15. I love this map! IIRC, this was in its alpha builds too even though incomplete. Loved the whole crate and the size of this map. I always love those human's base levels. I wasn't a fan of Earth and hell maps.