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  1. ant

    What are you?

    I am an ant!
  2. ant

    Doom wad market is oversaturated

    It's crazy how many new classic DOOM stuff are still made these days. Classic DOOM forever!
  3. ant

    How Do You Name Your Game Saves?

    I just use whatever default. Ha!
  4. ant

    just upgraded to windows vista

    Even for basic GUI like Xfce? I used that in my 13 yrs. old PC's Debian with 2 GB of RAM, 320 GB HDD & 115 GB SSD, etc. It was for basic usage. I assume classic/original DOOMs will be fine.
  5. ant

    just upgraded to windows vista

    Install Linux!
  6. ant

    Which is your favorite DooM ending?

    Doom episode 1's ending!
  7. https://sharewareheroes.com/doomed.html from https://games.slashdot.org/story/23/04/15/0311253/the-rise-of-doom-chronicled-on-retro-site-for-shareware-heroes-book
  8. ant

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Maybe the level designer is a fan. :)
  9. Nice. OK, how about modern setups? How does one do this?
  10. ant

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

  11. ant

    Happy Birthday DOOM!

    I still remember I didn't really have a PC to play it, but my next door neighbor and king did with their 386s. I downloaded the shareware game and copied to 3.5" floppy disks. I gave them to my friend, but he had to study for his high school senior finals so he could only briefly played it. He said it was rad. I did install on my king's IBM PS/2 model P70 portable PC. It was choppy and had no audio (can't remember if it had PC speaker audio), but playable. Later that year, I got a new custom built tower PC from my parents' friend. It had an Intel 486 DX2/66 MHz, 8 MB of Memory, 15" OptiQuest monitor, Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 (also got a Creative Wave Blaster II/2(?) to add on for it later on [unknown date] to improve MIDI music], 2x CD-ROM drive, Diamond SpeedStar Pro (VLB), 3-buttons Genius CLIXes mouse, and a Conner Peripherals IDE 340 MB HDD, etc. It ran Microsoft DOS v6.x and Windows v3.1. It was amazing! I became a DOOMer! Then, came online dial-up modem play. My neighbor and I played co-op even though it was very slow because of his 386, but worth it. However, I had to go on vacation for a week. :( Then, came local BBSes using SirDOOM. 4 players. Wow. Then, we made 2 mods: http://zimage.com/~ant/antfarm/files/doom2/j2doom/j2doom.html -- Fun times as a teen. ;) I still haven't played DOOM 2016 and newer though. Also, I played DOOM 1 prereleases back then. Hehe.
  12. ant

    Happy Birthday DOOM!

    By yourself? Get three more players as a group. ;)
  13. ant

    Happy Birthday DOOM!

    Dudes, it will be 30 next year! Bethesda and id Softare have better do something awesome for it.
  14. ant

    Favorite Doom Ad?

    https://forum.digitpress.com/forum/showthread.php?90173-SNES-vs-32X-Doom&s=56f6c01401ff3b71b5b7a9d9d621a43a&p=1061874&viewfull=1#post1061874 was my favorite. Duh! ;)