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  1. Cloud Strife

    Doom2 in Zdaemon is not working

    In that program it says its fine; DooM 2's at its highest version.
  2. Cloud Strife

    Favorite map of all time.

    i'd say WARRENS e3m9
  3. Cloud Strife

    Doom2 in Zdaemon is not working

    ____________________________________________________________________ Darkman 4 said: Is it pirated? That could be the problem. ____________________________________________________________________ myk said:Your IWAD might be modified. Have you messed with it using a resource editor? Look for your DOOM II disc or backups and replace it with a fresh copy. If you have to upgrade it, you can get the patches here. ____________________________________________________________________ no, its not pirated, and i got my patches from an old floppy disc i had, i tried reinstalling it with patches from the internet, but still only doom 1 works in zdaemon.
  4. Cloud Strife

    Doom2 in Zdaemon is not working

    whenever i use zdaemon, i play doom 1, but when i try doom 2, it says,"your DOOM2.wad version is incorrect, please visit zdaemon.org/baddoom2.htm for help in resolving this problem. game is now local due to error." my doom 2.wad is version 1.9, and so is my doom1.wad. i dont see whats the problem.
  5. i dont know how to use bots in jdoom, is it possible?
  6. Cloud Strife

    Doom 3's Funniest Moments.

    funniest thing? i was fighting some cacos in a large room, but they turn verry slowly. i was running towards a wall while one chased me, then when it was close i sidesteped to the left, it turned, but not fast enough. it hit the wall with a loud klunk, and turned slowly around to face me. i never expected that. the second time, it hit into the wall again, but it knocked over some boxes. it was weird, but funny.
  7. Cloud Strife

    we need your opinions !!!

    i'd like to see doom with doom 3 monsters, brand new weapons,(Ex: sniper rifle, flamethrower) levels with wider outsides, bigger cyberdemons(than doom 3, about 45 ft.)with 1 rocket arm and 1 plasma arm, surviving marines. and ships you can fly or go in with intense air battles!
  8. i cant find any servers for jdoom . anyone know any way to find servers with it???
  9. Cloud Strife

    What's your favorite Doom for single player?

    1-Ultimate doom(has some of my favorite level designs, better than D2, i liked Spider MM. boss beter than head boss in D2, mostly evrything better than D2) 2-Doom 64(great atmospheric fx, good weapon designs, really good levels) 3-Doom 2(1 better weapon super sgun) 4-doom 32(didnt really like it too much)
  10. i never thought of actually checking the manual when i first played doom
  11. i almost forgot, i called the mancubus a "monumaul", because when he shot it sounded like he was saying monumaul
  12. Cloud Strife

    The hardest boss

    id have to say the guardian. the cyberdemon goes down to quickly but i really liked the cutseen when big ol' cybie is defeated.
  13. Cloud Strife

    NPCs and Hell

    maybe if you check the editor it'll show you?