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  1. On 1/31/2024 at 1:05 PM, ZeroTheEro said:


    Though honestly, Doom music would be metal but there's nothing to stop you from imagining a Doom map while listening a music from a shmup...

    ...like so.

    I thought I was the only one who did that. I can imagine an entire DOOM map with this in the background...


  2. I got introduced to DOOM back in 2012 thanks to The Ghoul's Forest, upon finding out it was a mod for a certain game called "DOOM", I went on to try and play it, and my first experience with the game was a port someone made in Adobe Flash back in the late 2000's. Then in that same year I decided to download the actual game, and since I didn't know anything about source ports nor did I know how to setup DosBox, I ended up downloading and installing Doom95 (I was still using Windows XP back then, so I remember the game running without many compatibility issues, aside from the regular issues that port has). I remember getting pretty far into the game, even though I didn't finish it at the time. Then in 2016, I had my interest for the game reawakened by the Vinesauce DOOM Mapping Contest, since then I finished the first two games and still play them regularly to this day, along with many wads and mods.

  3. 3 hours ago, taufan99 said:

    ShaderGlass isn't half bad as well. You can even run multiple shaders with it combined with ReShade!

    Really cool little program, It seems way more practical than something like ReShade. Thanks for the recommendation!


    1 hour ago, Darkcrafter07 said:

    This is the only way I can play Doom in 320x200, with a CRT or a shader, the other way pixels are too large. With the same CRT pattern 640x400 could look like Full HD on my old monitor. Long live CRT. Well, here's how I play it if it's not DosBox (PCem shaders).


    If it comes to DosBox, then DosBox SVN Retro (Optionals v23) with lottes CRT is also something I really like, with a slight modification that makes it brighter.

    I gave it a try with your modded version of CRT Lottes and it looks great, definitely helps interpolate the pixels, which improves how jarring the original 320x200 can look on modern displays. Thanks for sharing!

  4. You can get DOOM running in DOSBox through Retroarch with CRT shaders for some interesting results... novert-240123-044459.png.22e4210d64bd550f0ce8dd569e23e638.png


    It definitely can't replace an actual CRT, but it looks pretty cool, and I imagine someone who knows what they're doing with the shaders settings (which I don't :P) could make it look even better and more accurate.


  5. On 3/19/2024 at 1:56 PM, Coilingeat said:

    Big thanks for information. Going to finish both dooms firstly. What is better to download later for a newbie gzdoom or some other source port?

    I'd say pick one of these:

    Chocolate Doom for the pure vanilla experience (original 320x200 resolution, 35fps cap).

    DSDA-DOOM for a compromise between the vanilla and modern experience (higher max resolution, unlimited FPS, QoL features).

    GZDOOM for modding and complex wads.


    I suggest you go with DSDA if you're new to classic DOOM and you're planning on playing through the original games without any mods (which I highly encourage for a first playthrough). 

  6. This project is so incredible I felt compelled to create an account on this forum just to praise it. There's so much thought and effort put into every aspect of it, every level is an absolute joy to play through. I really like how well the Supercharge mod integrates with everything, it makes the combat even more satisfying. Also, I really dig the whole Castlevania aesthetics thing along with the MIDI renditions of Portrait of Ruin's soundtrack. 


    All-in-all, an amazing project that is most definitely worthy of a Cacoward.