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  1. ChainJimmy

    FPS Command for Doom3

    you are welcome :)
  2. ChainJimmy

    FPS Command for Doom3

    If you press ctrl-alt-squiggle thing in the upper left corner of your keyboard the console will drop down. I have no idea how to bind keys though.
  3. ChainJimmy

    Will it run nicely on YOUR system?

    I've been running the game with my aged system, and she's runnin' great. Specs:1900+athalon xp at 1.6. 512 ram.radeon 8500 . . . I have the game running on medium settings at 1024X768 and I get higher than 30fps. I did however unpack several huge files and that seemed to help a lot.
  4. ChainJimmy

    FPS Command for Doom3

    Thanks for responding to my question, it made selecting my video settings a whole lot easier. :)
  5. ChainJimmy

    FPS Command for Doom3

    Howdy. I was wondering if anyone knows how to display the framerate for doom3 in game. I've tried the one from Quake3 but it doesn't seem to work.