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Everything posted by Llamatron99

  1. Llamatron99


    hey, does anyone know a good place to get a lot of sprites which are free to distribute in your wads in idgames?
  2. Llamatron99

    Double barrell shotgun mod

    BOOOM clikc slcck clokc THAT WOULD ROCK someone please make this mod!
  3. Llamatron99

    "become one with the sofa"

    Did someone say the Mancubus was female? Just add a couch to its ass
  4. Llamatron99

    Weapon changes

    Here are my ideas for minor changes to some of the weapons: Pistol - ok it looks like an antique friggin gun from the 60s and sounds like a cap gun. I would change it to be a modern looking pistol like something I would imagine a beretta to look like in 100 years of development, and sound meaty. Machine gun - the doom3 machine gun is like an afterthought. It should look and sound like a heavy assault rifle, with some bass in the SFX. Chaingun - Should lay down a hail of bullets that mows everything down.
  5. Llamatron99

    QuakeCon Doom 3 Mod Seminar

    FP lol cool: vehicle
  6. Hell yes!! Spacehulk and Spacehulk:VOTBA were two of my fav games ever made. Imagine Spacehulk 3 with full 3d, dynamic lighting etc etc. EDIT: So I went to the EA website, to suggest that they make space hulk 3, but the 'contact us' button doesnt go anywhere. Nice work EA.
  7. Llamatron99

    Spider Mastermind

    I am hoping that there will be an expansion pack for doom3. Although its unlikely, it would be cool if the spidermastermind and the arachnotron were in it.
  8. Llamatron99

    Weapon changes

  9. Llamatron99

    favorite (real) weapon

  10. Llamatron99

    Anyone get a Pewter Mancubus with Doom 3?

    The succubus can take on the form of a beautiful woman, and in its natural state looks like a hot chick with red skin and black hair with wings. They have nothing in common with a mancubus thats for sure!
  11. Llamatron99

    SD RAM

    Stay away from SD man, go for DDR ram
  12. Llamatron99

    Double barrell shotgun mod

    Yeah you need it, imagine blowing away imps at point blank range.
  13. Llamatron99

    Everyone Is Doomed August 2005

    http://moviecrypt.com/index.php?p=104 the rock as doomguy?
  14. Llamatron99

    Double barrell shotgun mod

    what scientist would confuse a ssg with an ANCIENT SUPER ARTIFACT lol
  15. Llamatron99

    Will it run nicely on YOUR system?

    IDEA: create a forum section JUST FOR PEOPLE TO POST THEIR COMPUTER SPECS (j/k)
  16. We called imps wookies
  17. Llamatron99

    Double barrell shotgun mod

    I agree the double barrel shotgun should be as close to the original one as possible
  18. Llamatron99

    Double barrell shotgun mod

  19. Llamatron99

    Model format

    What format are the models in Doom3? Does anyone know if theres a way to import quake 3 models into doom 3? C
  20. Llamatron99

    Running Doom 3 on a laptop - post your stories here

    Let off some steam..... BENNETT
  21. Llamatron99

    Classic colors mod