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  1. .dezire

    It was all worth it!!!!!!!!

    In a couple month's i'll get 512 more, but i'm 14 saving for my car... and updating my computer... but 704 is more then enough with my current video card :D
  2. .dezire

    It was all worth it!!!!!!!!

    Teehee, i'm getting my copy soon, along with 512 MB of RAM to bring me to 704 RAM, and maybe... and I stress the maybe a new video card, if it doesn't work out so well :P
  3. .dezire

    Any way of putting alpha demons into final?

    I didn't get the alpha beta version, but maybe the "demon's" we're made different? Eye's, hair, clothes, weapon's......
  4. .dezire

    My memory served me well

    Spoiler Free? :D
  5. .dezire

    Wal-Mart Sale!

    Ever since 9/11. It's not legal for me to own my supersoaker w/o a warrant, and a hunter's license... :D
  6. .dezire

    I am scared shitless lol

  7. .dezire

    Report paranormal stuff here

    The only paranormal part of those picture's is the dude's fingers. They look like fucking hot-dogs.
  8. .dezire

    Report paranormal stuff here

    Hmmmm... a ghost with neon eye implant's? :D
  9. .dezire

    Doom 3 seemed okay before....

    Nope, his ram should run just fine.. it's gunna be a little slow and choppy, but it will play. You just need to configure your video card to run it. :D
  10. .dezire

    Report paranormal stuff here

    Thank's to whomever posted that DivX Codec. That's some scary shit, if I was that dude i'd walk right past that shit. It was probally some ghost trying to help him get some shard's though :D.
  11. .dezire

    SD RAM

    As I stated before... I am unable to convert my PC to process, DDR Ram, unless they've invented something that can. :D Beside's SD is so much cheaper i'm going to have 1.2 Gigz of SD RAM, and a new Video Card. For less then $300 CAD. :D
  12. .dezire

    SD RAM

    Baah... I'll just buy it off of EBAY for 50$ per 512 mb :D
  13. .dezire

    SD RAM

    I got stuck with it... because my computer that I purchased came with SD RAM pre-installed. I cannot change it from SD-DDR so i'm stuck with SD :(
  14. .dezire

    SD RAM

    I haven't purchased Doom 3 yet. But I want to make sure my gaming experience is the best... I have 192 SD RAM.. currently. I need to know price's in Canadian of 128 MB's of SD RAM. I'm 14 so please help :D