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  1. Doomankhamun


    no sé si puede interesar a alguien, pero he hecho esto. ni la uso toda porque juego a una resolución rara, pero está en formato ultrawide.
  2. Doomankhamun

    Doom Runner (yet another graphical ZDoom launcher)

    best launcher i've found so far. one thing: could you make it so that the window stays fullscreen/remembers its size once the application is closed and reopened? i tried everything i could and it's annoying (i have a little monitor :P)
  3. I want to make a mod that fits my playstyle. I really like Gun Bonsai but I don't want anything to change how my weapon works, so I was thinking of doing something similar just for player's level up. The idea is really simple but all the mods I have found either add too much or completely change the way the game is played. I want something with high compatibility, I want to play it with other 40 mods if I want, or with my small selection of favourites (2 mods). This would be used to balance wads, and that's all; it's not supposed to really add anything new. Ideally, mod should be quite compact and easy, without interfering too much with the way you play, and you should be able to set a few options in the menu: how fast you level up (amount of XP per each thing), and if you get random upgrades or you get to choose them (maybe even if you get the new upgrade instantly or you have to wait for a new map to start?) No idea how to even start, but I've been fiddling around with ZScript for the past week, looking at the code of some mods (some in DECORATE, others in ACS). - Killing enemies give you a tiny bit of XP - Finishing an episode with 100% kills give you more XP - Finding a secret does not grant you XP: usually secrets already have power ups, ammos, weapons, etc. - When you level up (amount of XP), you get a new upgrade point (option to have it random) I was thinking about the upgrades. They can be taken more than once hopefully. - Ammo Bag: increases ammo capacity by a little, stacks with backpack - Scavenger: enemies have a small chance to drop ammo for weapons you have - Survivor: enemies have a small chance to drop health - Phoenix: 30%/50%/60% of resurrecting after dying. Only works once per level (a few seconds of invulnerability after you resurrect, of course) - Switch: weapon switch is faster - Toughness: reduces hitscan damage by a small amount - Kung Fu: increases melee damage and berserk powerups give armour as well - Hack: same as Gun Bonsai, incoming homing projectiles can be redirected to nearby enemies (higher chance with higher points) Why am I writing this here? Well, I'd like to have some help whenever possible. I already read the ZScript Basics, but I was thinking: if I give these powerups as items to a player, wouldn't they be removed when I play pistol start? Where would I store them? They also need to be loaded from a savefile... lots of things to think about. I'm currently looking at Gun Bonsai's code to learn a thing or two.
  4. Doomankhamun

    Progression/EXP compact and small mod

    I'd agree with you but I found very simple to implement a few of these already. As you said, little by little. The actual coding is not very complex, the hard part is to understand how the game handles everything. I managed to have enemies drop random ammos from weapons you own, and health packs as well, also increase bag capacity. All of these into separate mods. Next step is to implement these modifications into an item or something that the player carries when he "levels up"; still haven't done anything. I guess the hardest one would be the weapon switch change, which would require to modify all the weapons (from what I've seen, there's no global variable that dictates the weapon switch, but rather the state of the weapons themselves; so it wouldn't even be a global/high compatibility modification...)
  5. Hello, I've been messing around with DECORATE files, and I managed to understand how to replace 1/10th of the zombiemen in a map with a custom monster. The problem is that most monsters under Realm667 use ZSCRIPT and I wanted to try some of them (I know some of them have an 'OLDCODE' file, but at this point I'd like to have more control and just try to understand the actual scripting). So, I've downloaded some randomizers to try to understand some very simple functions but I'm afraid I might be too dumb, some mods include so much stuff it's hard to wrap your head around them. Do you have any tip or any example ZSCRIPTs somewhere I might have missed? The idea is simple: create a monster replacer mod with random chance (small chance that a shotgunner will be replaced by this custom actor; another smaller chance that it might get replaced with this other custom actor; etc.) Cheers
  6. Doomankhamun

    Making a random monster replacer (almost there) (zScript)

    Thanks jaeden. I did manage to make something spawn using zscript. I have a question though, before I even start doing something serious. Is there no way to simply include the .wad or .pk3 in my custom .pk3, without modifying its structure? I'll explain: right now I managed to make a monster spawn but I had to move all the specific files under the correct directories (sprites, sounds, etc). Is this something I have to do, or is there a better way I have overlooked?
  7. Doomankhamun

    Making a random monster replacer (almost there) (zScript)

    Thanks a lot Kan, this solves a lot of doubts. When I'm merging the monsters into a single .wad or .pk3, I guess it doesn't really matter where I put the randomiser function? Eventually I'd like to have a single file that tells the game something like this: - replace Zombieman with this, or this, or this; - replace That with this, this, etc. I think my confusion comes from the fact that I really have no idea how to merge mods. Thanks a lot btw!