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  1. Flying

    Last boss

    How do you kill the last boss. And don't come here and say "Shoot the blue light after killing the things that fly around him", because that's not the last boss. Here I really mean the last boss.
  2. Flying

    Stuck *AGAIN*

    Followed this, I came at an ellevator, went up. There was a stairs overthere, I went up once again to find this weird creature growing in the base. There was an entrance, but I couldn't get any further.. EDIT/ FOUND IT THANKS
  3. Flying

    Stuck *AGAIN*

    I don't want a savegame for the caverns. The point is that I'm stuck at the part right before the cavern, which is the part where I have to find the cavern first. But I can't seem to find it..
  4. Flying

    unknown creature

    What's a bruiser?
  5. Flying

    Stuck *AGAIN*

    I've got the artifact, and I've meet up with this guy. A scientist. He was brabling something about the only way to send those demons backs and all that shit. He said he'd open up the caverns, and I needed to go there. But I can't seem to find those freaking caverns :( PS: Can someone say what autosavegame I should take to get the woman saying "They took my baby" together with the bloody foorsteps :P
  6. Flying

    I am scared shitless lol

    Totally agree. Or maybe a savegame just before the leaking starts, would be cool.
  7. Flying

    Stuck in delta labs

    I finally found it. I was constantly walking in circles through the bio labs and security, while I actually had to go to Processing or whatever it was. Thanks anyway :P
  8. Flying

    Stuck in delta labs

    I'm already passed the crane, and I don't have a new weapon yet. I just have to get the plasma thing. Not anything with the crane. Stop explaining things I don't need. All I want is that plasma thing so I can go on with my game :(
  9. Flying

    Stuck in delta labs

    Nothing's in that room. Just a crane that get's things out of the wall, and I travel on them to get into the vent. I can't find the samples. What's hard about understanding that? I didn't mension anything about a crane and things out of a wall.
  10. Flying

    Stuck in delta labs

    I can't find anyhing there except for some file reports and one room, but it's passworded. And I don't know the password.
  11. Flying

    Stuck in delta labs

    Delta Labs Level 2. There is a scientist. He's the only one left alive on that level. He spoke to me and said I had to get some plasma thingie or whatever it was. Now I'm running in circles at the security facility on that level, but I can't find any plasma thingie.
  12. Flying

    Stuck in delta labs

    I'm stuck in delta labs where I have to find something for some scientist, and appearantly I can't find it. Someone help me please.
  13. Flying

    Report paranormal stuff here

    I want pics of that woman and her baby..
  14. Flying


    Yes it actually had an up and down button. Didn't notice.. Now I made that part, but I'm stuck again, this time at Communications Maintenance.. Someone get me out of this :P
  15. Flying


    Hi everybody. I'm pretty stuck right now where I am. It's something with somekind of monorail. I have to use the computer on the "monorail" to make it go forward, backward, left, right. I understand that. But now I am stuck at the part, and I can't seem to find my way out. Help would be nice :)