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  1. This is my debut map, Ambyte Dump. Get it from:- ModDB -- https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-ii/addons/ambytedumpv1-01 or Mediafire -- https://www.mediafire.com/file/s7j5e2a5z0rnr7i/Ambyte_Dump.zip/file It runs with GZDoom, requires Doom2.wad, and is in UDMF format. Aside from Doom2, all other assets are included in the wad so nothing additional needs to be done. As far as other source ports go, I cannot confirm except to say that it DOESN'T run with Zandronum (which is a shame) because of some DECORATE stuff. Sorry about this, but bear in mind that I'm an absolute beginner and still don't know what I'm doing in certain areas. I'm sure I'll figure this out in the future. As far as gameplay goes, it's follows a pretty standard progression in terms of weapons and enemies. It is mostly, but not all linear. Kill everything, find secrets, get to the end. Freelook is fine (and probably necessary in one area). Jumping and Crouching are disabled. Difficulty is probably the hardest thing for me to gauge. I'm not a particularly good Doom player and can UV MAX it without a problem... so it will be a breeze for half-decent players, but I can really only speculate beyond that. Thematically there is nothing much to say except that it's a hotchpotch of styles because I started with no real plan, as it is my first ever attempt at a Doom map, my first ever time scripting, and didn't really know what I wanted to do with it... so I made it up as I went along. Indeed, the title "Ambyte Dump" doesn't mean or refer to anything. It is simply an anagram of "My Debut Map". Anyway... Enjoy (hopefully) Oh, and I read the tips on posting wads, and it mentioned screenshots (thanks CapnClever) so here are a shedfull...
  2. Thanks for the input, guys. Just to avoid any confusion, the YouTube video in the post above is NOT from this wad.
  3. Frolik

    Backpacks - Item Total

    I'm completely new to Doom mapping, I mean REALLY new. Have never made a map, never done any scripting, etc... so forgive me if this has already been addressed (I couldn't find it anywhere). I'm on the verge of getting my first ever map rolled out, but had one or two problems to sort out. I have now sorted them and eventually worked a way around the final problem I had, but am still stumped as to why it is a thing. I first noticed it because I was testing my map on each skill level, and always ended up two items short every single time when going for 100%. After going through all the things classed as items and finding nothing wrong, I played the map slowly while constantly checking the item count. Whenever I picked up the first backpack, no matter which one it was out of several, it added two to the item count (the total required, not the number picked up). This didn't happen with subsequent backpacks in the same map... only the first I got around it by making dummy backpacks that ran an ammo scipt, but why does this happen? I was using GZDoom Builder 2.3 with GZDoom v4.10.0
  4. Frolik

    Backpacks - Item Total

    Thanks for the info Shepardus. I didn't know you could specify it in MAPINFO. Unfortunately this was not the case as I had been basing it on the 'Doom' setting (option 2 in the wiki), then when I downloaded the latest version of GZD (with only Vanilla, Classic, and Software available), all the slightly darker areas looked inpenetrably dark. It isn't a problem, more an annoyance. It has just set me back a few days. I was hoping to have my debut map out a few days ago, but had to run through it a few more times to make lighting adjustments. Almost there. Thank you to everyone for the help.
  5. Frolik

    Backpacks - Item Total

    As a roundabout reply to several comments... I wasn't playing with any extra mods, no HUD modifer, etc. Completely vanilla. That said, I was using v4.10.0 when I first downloaded Builder, so stuck with that throughout making it. Yesterday I downloaded the latest version of GZD and it doesn't happen, so I'd have to assume it is either a bug in 4.10.0 or something I inadvertently caused. Fortunately, as I mentioned, I had already got around it and was merely curious. Now all I have to contend with it that the latest version has scaled back some of the sector lighting options, and certain parts look weird. Not a problem, but time consuming. Ho hum. Many thanks to you all for the replies.
  6. Frolik

    what was the firsrt doom game you played

    My first Doom game was Doom ('93), but I couldn't afford a pc until '98 so it wasn't at the time of release. The first Doom knockoff I played was Gloom on the Commodore Amiga.