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  1. hexbox

    What was Doom 3's biggest flaw?

    Things I didn't like.. I thought the shotgun should have spread a little less and therefor been able to kill imps that were a little further away. The neverending imp-teleporting-behind-you gag. Gotcha! For the 1,700th time! It became routine.. the further I got the more correctly I guessed when they would spawn. Actually, hell, you don't even _need_ to guess. Every battle I got in, I would turn around and backtrack a bit, thinking "Man, they aren't going to do that again, are they?" Sure enough they did.. every time. Other than that I was very impressed with the game. [And I had high expectations ;)] Sure, it was a little dark, but hey, that's doom3's niche.
  2. hexbox

    Problems with editor

    What was the problem? I'm curious.
  3. hexbox

    My first Doom3 map (SCREENS)

    So everytime I see a different texture, it's a different brush, correct? Even a flat floor is broken up into different brushes to allow you to change the texture? That's my biggest problem right now -- choosing textures. Maybe my floors are just too large, but they look like checkerboards of repeated textures.
  4. hexbox

    Modelled Rocks

    Ok, I'll give GenSurf a shot.
  5. hexbox

    Doom Editor sectors

    Using Doom editor, is there a way to 'explode' sectors? i.e. Can I split one sector up into many smaller ones?
  6. hexbox

    Modelled Rocks

    AHH! These things are great!! How do I make one 'tesselated', though? I'm just using "Simple Patch Mesh.." from the menu, and it just asks for a width and height before generating one.
  7. hexbox

    Doom3 edit for noobs..?

    Way. Bring down the console and type "editor".
  8. hexbox

    Double barrell shotgun mod

    I'm working on e3m1, but bringing it up to date is driving me nuts. The hole you start out in; I wanted to use the 'spinalcrap' texture and have you climb up out of there on a modelled ribcage. It's...hard..
  9. hexbox

    Double barrell shotgun mod

    Yeeee haawww! You're an American! Making fun of nerds on a doom 3 mod forum, that's a good one!
  10. hexbox

    Double barrell shotgun mod

    Haha! That's good! It could come with the duct tape mod!
  11. hexbox

    Pain in the ass scrolling.

    Yes! I don't think it likes my compy machine, because it crashes after I've done ~20 minutes of work without saving. :P
  12. hexbox

    Doom3 editing lingo

    That does help :) So a patch mesh just kindof spreads vertices all over the face of a brush?
  13. hexbox

    Confused about some textures

    That's a great idea. Once extracted, you could even just 'view as thumbnails' in explorer.
  14. hexbox

    Doom3 editing lingo

    I'm wondering what a tesselated simple patch mesh is ;) And what's a bezier?
  15. hexbox

    Doom3 edit for noobs..?