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  1. Hortinerd

    Need Map testers for my crappy attemps!

    Well, it'd help if you had a few screenies to show. When people see a map labeled as 'crappy', they generally don't rush to DL it.
  2. Hortinerd

    Are there more video's of "Mesh" playing Doom3?

    That guy has got some serious issues... but you're right - it it pretty danged funny! :D Maybe he was forced to play Doom in the dark as a child and has traumatic memories? Yeah... right... :p
  3. Hortinerd

    Graphics Board for Doom3

    ATI Radeon 9600 Pro - 128Mb
  4. Hortinerd

    help pls [monorail station: how to get pass]

    As I recently found out: Your... PDA... has... EVERYTHING! Clicky on the little 'user email'button and do some reading. The code's there.
  5. Hortinerd

    Datapads... with no data?

    Well 'a few levels' is different than the halfway point of the game. :P
  6. Hortinerd

    Datapads... with no data?

    Well holy $#^&... Go ahead and give me the "Major idiot award" of the month! Flame me, I deserve it.
  7. Hortinerd

    Datapads... with no data?

    So I'm on the monorail level, and was having trouble finding the codes for access panels... I'd picked up a few datapads, but they said 'no audio logs'. As I looked throuhg a walkthrough, I saw that I had the datapads I needed for the codes - but there were no audio logs on them! Anyone else heard of this happening? It's strange...
  8. I'm looking to buy good ol' classic doom this week (lost the old copy...sad), and was wondering what the absolute best user-made maps and episodes are? I've got some fond memories of these old maps - my first adventures in computer games. *sighs*
  9. Hortinerd

    How to get Doom 3 to work for 9x/ME(tutorial!)

    One problem I've found with running the game on Win98, is that you can't install the new ATI drivers... since the game supposedly only runs on 2000 and higher, they don't make the upgrades accessable on 98. Grr...
  10. Hortinerd

    Newer drivers... for Win98?

    *NOTE: Yes, I am running Win98se. And yes I do know I need to upgrade, it's on my list of 'overpriced things to buy'... PLEASE don't flame me - this seems like an intelligent board... * Okay, so now that ATI has released all there funderful new drivers for people operating Win ME/XP, does that mean anyone with 98 can't upgrade from Catalyst 4.7? Here's my specs: P4 - 2.4 Mhz 512 megs RAM ATI Radeon 9600 pro ...Aforementioned Win98 I'm running the game at 1024x768 at high detail, and it's smooth - but freez-ups are still pretty common...
  11. Hortinerd

    Severe lags after 15 mins of playing

    While I'm not using a notebook, I've got a similar thing happening. I can run the game fine, but after about 10-15 minutes, something will happen and the game locks up... the screen freezes, but the sound will continue normally for about 5-10 seconds. I can't exit the game and have to restart my computer. Re-start Doom, and it works fine... for another 10 minutes. I'm running a: P4 2.4 gig 512 megs PC3200 RAM ATI Radeon 9600 Pro (I've got the 4.7 drivers, I think?) Win/98SE I've got 'high' detail on, with a 1024x768 resolution. Anti-aliasing off. Great framerates, and only rare stuttering.