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  1. knives_millions

    Prob not a chance in hell (or Doom) but I'm asking anyway...

    I have a 1.0 ghz system and it ran at about an average of 35 fps. I of course am using a radeon 9800. Just remember to disable those fucking shadows and your fps will go way up. Try over clocking the hell out of your system and it should be "acceptable" I play the game on 800x600 on High Quality. I run half-life 2 at 800x600 high everything. And Remember to update your drivers. Good luck.
  2. knives_millions

    Secret Level

    It would warp the game into the old format and you would have to endure the game the secret level in episide 3 on Nightmare difficulty with only a pistol. If you failed it would format your harddrive and you would receive a letter filled with anthrax the next day.
  3. knives_millions

    The next best thing to the old models in D3

    Look extremely half-assed. I could do better in mspaint. OMG LOOK A STICK FIGURE!
  4. knives_millions

    I need horns on my demons

    yeah nothing in doom 3 ever made me go O shit...... Kinda disapointing.
  5. knives_millions

    That's one doomed space marine!

    Get a decent videocard and its a possibility for lowest settings. Your going to get fps drops but meh you can still play it. If worse comes to worse just godmode so the fps wont kill you?
  6. knives_millions

    Doom 3's Funniest Moments.

    I thought it was funny watching the mancubus do multiple backflips in air thanks to the bfg.
  7. knives_millions

    Im stuck in delta labs 4

    Flash light them to death. skillz.
  8. knives_millions

    Question about the Ending (obviously contains spoilers)

    I think betruger was just a fucked up elderly bastard pissed off cause he cant get it up.
  9. knives_millions

    A simple question

    just crank up the brightness in your image editor.
  10. knives_millions

    That's one doomed space marine!

    Well my machine isnt really all that great and it runs fine. So your machine might be able to handle it better then you think.
  11. knives_millions

    Locker C7?

    Maybe it was that scientist with the lantern? thats what I thought anyway. Did it say locker? I thoguht it was cell or something.
  12. knives_millions

    ZOMBIE YOGa!!!

  13. knives_millions


    First time i went into the bathroom the cutscene freaked me out and i dropped my mouse on my floor along with my headset. cool trick eh?
  14. knives_millions

    The Classic Doom vs. Doom3 Monster Thread

    I miss the giant tomatos. I mean come on if a group of giant red tomato's were attacking me in the dark....well...no i guess I wouldent be scare more like hungary or freaked. But meh.... the old design for the cacodemon was better I think. The new ones remind me of the meteor in the final fantasy 7 logo for some odd reason.
  15. knives_millions

    I need horns on my demons

    Yeah I miss the old hell-knights "moo" noise. Im probably just warping my past but sometimes when I heard the hell-knight on the origonal it sometimes sounded like a huge moo. Moo!!!! and I think horns on the "pinky" would have been better. That way we could call it the bull demon like it was meant.