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  1. battousai92

    Most annoying monster?

    Trites. Also all of the noises they make piss me off. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  2. battousai92


    Well, I was just messing around with Doom 3 and I found this magazine spin-off of USA Today called UAC Today: The funny thing is... if you look closely, it says, "Who took Gary's Stapler?". Obvious reference to Milton from Office Space.
  3. battousai92

    Best Death

    the arachnatron. It looks like ham when it dies.
  4. battousai92

    Report paranormal stuff here

    I have a GIF for you:
  5. battousai92

    BOSS STRATEGIES (Extreme spoilers)

    Actually, I'm a part of a Mod team called Doom 3: Hell On Earth. We're creating new weapons (double barreled shotgun), new monsters (spider mastermind), and new maps. Here's a link, be sure to visit the forums! http://d3hoe.d3files.com/
  6. battousai92

    Manhunt pulled from shelves in UK

    I've been playind the original doom since I was 4 years old and I am fine. It depends all on the persons psyche. If they are stupid and easily influenced, then parents need to protect them from this content. It's not the games fault, its the fucking parents. They're usually the ones who bought the game for them without any regard for its ESRB ratings/content. Anyways, Manhunt kicks ass. Level 2 Sickle execution all the way. :D How did the columbine style killing take place? In Doom you just run up to someone and shoot them in the face. Did they do that?