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  1. aL BeasTie

    Doom Movie Not This August

    OMFG The Rock the fkn rock ffs, all this time for a Doom movie and it's gonna star the fkn rock. I just knew they would fuck this one up, typical hollywood bullshit, cast some dickhead Bgrade hollywood fuckwit in the movie. why cant someone just make a fucking based around good filmaking then faggot posterboys for every role. GODAMMIT!! :(
  2. aL BeasTie

    Original Doom trailer???

    in reply to the DOOM movie - Finally, there's the long-in-development "Doom" movie. Bounced around Hollywood for years, the rights to the film now rest with Universal Pictures. And, barring production delays, it now looks like the film could be a reality. Shooting is set to begin this fall in Prague, said Hollenshead. A script is in hand. And pre-production is already underway. "I have never been more confident that there will be a Doom movie in the next 18 months," he said. was here - http://money.cnn.com/2004/08/12/commentary/game_over/column_gaming/index.htm
  3. aL BeasTie

    developers configs

    not entirely that interesting, but I was digging around in the pak files and in pak000.pk4 is whole bunch of different configs, personal settings for the devopers, yeah Jc's got one. some of the dev config may interest some. also there is one called torsoboy.cfg - a cfg template // *==================================* \\ // * DOOM3 BLANK CONFIG TEMPLATE FILE * \\ // *==================================* \\ // *==================================* \\ // * PLAYER SETTINGS * \\ // *==================================* \\ ui_name "TorsoBoy" // Player Name
  4. aL BeasTie

    No liquids? No Swimming?

    Dude go to http://www.doomsdayhq.com/ and whip out your copy of HeXen and prepare for something special.
  5. aL BeasTie

    No liquids? No Swimming?

    good point, I guess I kinda still think of Hexen and Heretic as iD games, but your right. But they were more in cahoots, it's a bit different nowdays when they actually give the engine over for a game they have no input in. eg. JediKnight 2 is using q3 engine, you'd hardly confuse it with a iD production.
  6. aL BeasTie

    Well does Doom 3 deserve the title Doom ?

    thanks Black Hand, Now I don't really think that they copied anyone really, I just found it surprizing that such similarities are left in and not attemted to be made to seem different. yeah teleporting imps were all through old DOOM, but the way it looks in game now just reminds me of HL when the aliens teleport in. I was just surprized that's all, as the nature of Carmack and iD, I would of thought that they would spend a great deal of time to avoid such comparison. Especially with the whole hl2 vs d3 debate, it just makes sense that they would want to make the game feel very original. none of the above really bothers me. and I don't need a super shotgun for power, just posterity. for me it's just like not having the BFG, yeah BFG was overpowered most ppl save it for the big badasses. the super shotgun was a very remembered part of DOOM 2, which seems to be more popular among people who wern't total DOOM fans. I've seen a million posts etc. ppl who haven't thought of DOOM since '96 - "I remember DOOM, the supershotun was wicked" blah blah it's not integral, infact it always had one purpose, taking down pinky in one hit! - about the best use it would have in Doom3 also. I aint scared, my shotgun doesn't leave my hands unless it's empty! But what does get me, or basically reminds me I'm playing a computer game, which sucks in such an immersing game. How all the touch pads say "CLICK HERE" - wtf! I guess it stands to reason the biggest corporate power in the world is using mirosoft for their computer systems :) for me all it needs is CLICK replaced with PRESS wtf am i clicking with? my UAC marine issue mouse? I really think this is an oversight.
  7. aL BeasTie

    No liquids? No Swimming?

    omg guys don't take things so seriously, I referred to Halo to be mean :) come on, nearly every semi futuristic fps has a gun like that now, originally that gun is exactly what they wanted, something along the lines of the gun from aliens. naturally they arn't going to replicate it, that is stealing... DOOM will always be one of the few original games, becuase they invented the goddamn market place, if not just w/ Doom but Wolf3d. anything that was achieved after DOOM, was no doubt thought of and possibly attempted to be done by iD during the making of DOOM. No doubt the DOOM engine was intended to have bigger things, but iD decided to keep the engine to themselves and no other game were really developed on it (ok Chex....;) )
  8. aL BeasTie

    No liquids? No Swimming?

    yo Tech settle down mate! It was a joke, the fact Carmack hates keen was what I was making lite of. you DUD! but seriously ALIENS meets DEMONS in HELL was kinda what they always had in mind - the original DOOM was made in a time where such things were unheard of in a computer game. Back then this was a totally original idea and no one else would ever of made it. imagine a buch of 20somethings making a game w/ nothing but WHAT THEY THINK IS COOL - that's why DOOM was made. I am an immense DOOM fan, I think DOOM3 is the greatest game made in years, if not ever. Why? because it's DOOM I like DOOM and it's a game made about DOOM. I guess I need more sleep before attempting long posts, but all I was getting to was that they've made the influences more obvious this time. I believe Carmack still went and made the DOOM he always wanted to make, despite what anyone would think and depite if gamers thought it was like other stuff etc. why? coz every FPS has borrowed from DOOM, they set the trend, so naturally DOOM would feel a bit more old fashioned in some ways, but look totally fresh. So no I'm not bashing the game, I'm being open minded the whole way, and I don't believe that Keen will be their next game :) No doubt they will combine a few types of gameplay and storyline for the next game, as they did with there other games. Maybe a jump away completely from FPS's, but I reckon they won't come up with a 90% new concept or anything. I say they'll try and make a game that utilizes all the capabilities in the DOOM3 engine, that DOOM itself diddn't utilise. basically a big technology demo to show the engine off more, but w/ a serious franchise w/ a large universe around. Perhaps close to the sci-fi genre, but more likely a fantasy/D+D game as many have suggested. sorry Tech I know my DOOM facts, I stupidly assume people will get me. if only there was a way to type sarcastically, everyone would get along more :)
  9. aL BeasTie

    No liquids? No Swimming?

    I'm not even referring to DOOM3, UAC - originally was referenced as "The Company" or "The Corporation" I really cant remember the details. they directly took this from the movie Alien, where the company has a name visible on some freights, but is only referenced as "The Company" apart from that it was mainly the actual universe, the use of SPACE MARINES etc. all borrowed from Alien(s) and not the new DOOM3 look even more like it with the look of marines and the new environment. even the damn machine gun is taken from Alien, others may see it as the "HALO" gun, which copied the design from - ALIENS. the use of shotgun and chainsaw were taken from the EVIL DEAD series. chaingun - coz was in wolf3d I stand by what I said, I wish I could remember where I recently found a site discussing this as fact, what's that site that has info for like basically all movies, games, tv shows etc? it's the definiteive source, I just cant remember name of site. Also check out - http://www.ua-corp.com/ not as interesting now doom 3 is out, I liked the old look
  10. aL BeasTie

    Original Doom trailer???

    my god man are you crazy! we had 14.4k modems, if we were lucky, no internet - BBS's, and the fact that shareware DOOM was around 6mb it would be quicker to download that (very painfully slooooow), then to even comprehend such a thing was fantasy. I think we really say video when win95 came out, and came with that Weezer film clip (you know the one where they play at Arnold's from Happy Days) the quailty was terrible, and the filesize enormous. Anytime we had to consider such new advancements in technology were being confined to the realms of DOOM. Imagine never seeing anything better than say, EGA games like KEEN, Captain Comic and eventually VGA games like WOLF3d. Then all of a sudden someone gives you Doom, you load it onto your humble little 486, and all of a sudden you're shown this dark moody ambient game with monsters and BLOOD! everyWHERE! digital sound and a weapon that's called the BIG FUCKING GUN - we wouldn't of cared if they were gonna release the next StarWars movie (rumoured to be being made around the same timeframe) all we cared about was DOOM (for the next 3 years at least) Perhaps in the US there was a TV commercial, but remember PC games diddn't make the money they do today, it was basically games like DOOM that boosted the industry, there was probaly no money to dream of such a thing in the begining. But once it took off the national/international media probaly did all the work for them. But what I would like to know is what ever happened to the supposed MOVIE ADAPTION - no shit I read this back in '96, I never say it mentioned much before, but it stated that work had begun a DOOM movie, but Carmack etc. wanted a true to form horror that would of landed an <R>18+ rating at the time, and when most fans are between 14-23 meant bad sales. the creators of DOOM refused to let the story be made into some Disney demon romp and it was scrapped. (or it was more like they were with a small film company that diddn't want to spend the money to do it properly) these days as long as there's no too many naked women in the it such a movie would get a mere ma15+ perhaps with the new Horror movie style of gameplay, that someone will make the obvious conclusion that DOOM would make one gory badass movie! but if George Clooney plays the DOOM GUY I aint gonna see it :p
  11. aL BeasTie

    No liquids? No Swimming?

    does anyone think iD can make something truley original? I started the religion that worships DOOM as the greatest game of all time but!,.... 60% of DOOM was "borrowed" from the Alien(s) universe, the rest from random horror movies and religious text. Quake is just one big fucked up storyline changed to suit how the game was changing during development Doom 3 - does the same as DOOM but uses countless other games and movies for "ideas" (or whatever) Wolfenstein - based loosely around WW2 and many supposed Nazi occult dealings. Commander Keen - iD's most original concept, except he looks stright off a 50's cereal box and was no doubt borrowed from leagues of cartoons witnesed by the carmack's at a young age :) So if you ask me there's only one logical conclusion for iD. COMMANDER KEEN REMAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. aL BeasTie

    What's your favorite Doom for single player?

    DOOM 1.7a - before ultimate. ep2 - where it all starts to happen e2m4 - not a hard one, but I still really enjoy this level. I personally rarely even like the map designs in current games, infact I have trouble playing some fps's, mainly ones on consoles, my DOOM instincts are so imbedded that I expect to find more items and enemies etc. and also expect to see things like landmarks and points of reference. Games like Serious Sam are like one big stone texture to me, I don't want to move from where I am incase it's going to take too long :) DOOM really did have an enormous amount of time spent on making the levels (I think the doom2 stages averaged 40hrs completion, someone correct me on this thou) I personally still think the original DOOM games have the best level design ever, but to todays standards they couldn't be looked at like that, considering that levels in games today arn't limited to a maximum heightdef etc. it's been a while since I loaded up DCK or similar, what's the max height of a ceiling in DOOM? well anyhow that basically makes the levels to our eyes today that are used to more "true to life" gfx precieve them as being squarish or blocky (as in everything based off squares rather than curves etc. blah blah
  13. aL BeasTie


    I dunno about iD and especially Carmack giving anyone else his brainchild DOOM - would be like LucasArts giving Star Wars to Tri-Star I don't think you'll get a DOOM 4 anytime soon, maybe another 10 years, as adding the #4 there would hint/denote a NEW engine. Anyway stuff iD, give DOOM back to fans anyway, I'm more interested a CLASSIC DOOM MOD for DOOM 3 - something that makes it more like a technology remake of the originals. Also it would be interesting to see a an official expansion for doom3, which I say is likely as in 6months or so from now people will want something new, and if they can play something new under there fancy d3 engine they'll be happier. No doubt there will be expansion packs fo say an expanded universe stories, think Blue Shift for half-life, say a 10 level add on where you lead a char to his death at the end :) If there is a DOOM2 story/style version of DOOM3 official or not it would be great to see the future shotgun removed for an earthly one etc. Could also make way for the double barrel!!! Also too see some nice rustic/gothic looking buildings in full 3D in the theme of the old d2 levels
  14. aL BeasTie

    Well does Doom 3 deserve the title Doom ?

    It's as much DOOM as Episode 1 is Star Wars. with that said and another huge debate started :p I have anticpated anything new on the DOOM scene for ages, infact I was still playing DOOM, making DOOM MODS and stuffing with my 486 until I started a job with computers and someone informed me that they things called pentiums and 3d cards, so i went from DOOM2 to q3 and HL. I think d3 really has "borrowed" way too much from HL, infact I'm astonished that they would let it be so similar in many ways. But as a confirmed "purist" I have to say that it feels more DOOM than I expected, but for the first 10 minutes of play all I could think of was Half-Life, then imps start teleporting in and I thought of Half-Life! the whole first part of the game is basically Half-Life Day One!!! I would of like it if it was more like the original, and instead of "playing" the first part of the story, I'd rather watch a cutscene and then start out solo. the original story was you were left behind while the rest of the marines went in to battle, you were left to guard with nothing but a pistol. after many hours of hearing the fighting, it stops, and you realise the only way to escape is to go through alone. I would of prefered this, same as original, gives more elusiveness to the game. but I supect that as you get further in the game u r ultimatley left alone, which should work niceley. but I too really want to love this game, Carmack and others have been putting ideas for this game together since '91 (maybe earlier) you could say that HL incorporated many of the ideals that DOOM already created. Or the fact that every fps since DOOM is still basically a DOOM CLONE, iD get artistic right to steal of whoever they want :) but aside from that obvious HL comparison, I think many of the mini missions, cutscenes are remenicent of any Playstation, XBOX game in the past few years (**cough**Resident Evil) but such such crap aside, to make it feel more like original DOOM. SOUNDS - as mentioned everything sounds like a big lizard, the old imp and zombie sounds would probably work better. the zombies dont seem to be to be very vocal. and the marine zombies seem way to nimble and not zombified enough. apart from eyes and skin they still act and look very human. Infact I shot a zombie in the back and was worried I killed an NPC because the movement is too perfect. COLOURS - at some points they could of tried to use familiar DOOM colours, I can't think of a way to explain this but, it all seems washed out, where's all the lovely blue computer walls from the DOOM levels. Is it just me or is it looking a bit like HALO or something, or just too heavily influenced by certain unnamed sci-fi's. and - why have grey imps in a game where 90% of every wall in the game is grey, the classic brown imp colour makes sense here. ENEMY DEATHS - the whole turn to flames when dead thing is old, and is awful, something like this belongs in a vampire game, and that's it. where's all the damn gibs to be left behind! GUNS - WHERE THE FUCK IS THE SUPER SHOTGUN!! and I believe the inclusion of a old fashioned shotgun whould be cool, like the original doom gun. DOOM GUY - WTF is wrong with the DOOM Guy!!! why doesn't he look like that mad picture on the original DOOM title screen - he looks like some shitty EA Games "standard scoccerguy model" and what's with the gay battle suit on other marines, looks like halo or worse. where's his badass Gloves, really is a NO FRILLS Doom Guy model, like 3 parts to him. REPLAY VALUE - I dunno about you guys but if I had a dollar for everytime I've played e1m1 in DOOM, let's just say that I could buy a small country. I don't want to do that crappy first DOOM3 stage again! considering to obvious point A to B to C straight line stages and storyline events for half the enemy encounters, there will be few stages that you'll load up just to do some fragging, because all will be impeeded by a cutscene or something. I'm just gonna stop now because I'm probably not even making sense, it is almost daylight and I need sleep, my mind is going I can feel it..... IN CONCLUSION - I still think that jDOOM using hi-res models and textures is more like the DOOM remake we NEED to see. i am sorry for long post
  15. aL BeasTie

    Anyone get a Pewter Mancubus with Doom 3?

    I think they made MANCUBUS up, it is derived from INCUBUS a demon responsible for raping nuns and impregnating them with demon childs, nuns would wake in the night to see the incubus sittting on their stomach. (basically an excuse nuns used for why they were pregnant) perhaps thinking this was a bit nasty for a game in '95, changed it to Mancubus and made it female as to further get away from relation to Incubus obviously the band INCUBUS had no such concience, and have been known to rape nuns whilst on tour. anyhow shove this one under the rumour file