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  1. juby_rhita

    Why Religion Can Suck

    "pritch" the taj mahal is not a place of worship. its not a temple, its a palace that the king made for his wife all it is really is a crap piece of sentimental junk, people only go there to be AMAZED by its beauty, the only reason why its there is because the king or prince i cant remember now loved his wife. thats it baiscally, nothing to do with religion. although you bring a good point about the whole fact that places would be losing out on money, if it werent for there difference in religion with the rest of the world. well, think before you sya things pritch. juby
  2. juby_rhita

    Why Religion Can Suck

    ok yes religion has its contridictions nevertheless where would half of the world be without religion and the fascination of a being higher us. the thought that there is something after life is what most of the worlds population thrive on. the fact that you can spend you whole life praying and doing other shit to improve your afterlife is what half of the world do and think that they are supposed to! the fascination with other cultures is what brings tourists to different places of the world. otherwise why go to Rome other than see the vatican why go to india other than to see the golden temple???
  3. juby_rhita

    the euro

    the euro stinks, it shouldnt have been allowed.