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  1. hobomaster22

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v2.6.5 (6/2019)

    Adding a ZDL file will import the files and settings into Doom Launcher, basically translating it to how Doom Launcher handles file launching. ZDL files basically look like this: [zdl.save] port=gzdoom iwad=C:/ZDL/DOOM2.WAD extra=extra file0=C:/ZDL/file1.wad file1=C:/ZDL/file2.wad skill=4 warp=MAP01 [zdl.general] Doom Launcher will import file1.wad and file2.wad compressed as zip files. Then file2 will be added as an additional file to file1. If you open file1 in Doom Launcher all the other files should be linked to it in the same order in the zdl file (Additional Files/Load Order). And in this example have DOOM2, skill 4, and MAP01 selected.
  2. hobomaster22

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v2.6.5 (6/2019)

    New version https://github.com/hobomaster22/DoomLauncher/releases/tag/ Doomsday support Chocolate Doom / Crispy Doom statistics Screen filter option to simulate CRT/scanlines Added option to delete files and statistics when deleting a source port Added a screenshot viewer to cycle through all images of a wad Summary will not duplicate stats for the same map Summary will display days, hours, minutes, last map played, and a stat bar for map progress Added an Untagged tab for viewing all files that are not tagged Fixed Boom statistics issue when Save Statistics was selected and extra parameters were added Prevent row height from being modified CNDoom statistics fix when kills are over 100% When deleting a source port individual statistics will show in the statistics tab Fix for buttons being enabled when no file is selected causing a crash
  3. hobomaster22

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    There's 5 beast boxes on ebay right now. Curious to see what they sell for. Could be the cheapest ones so far because it's the most supply we've seen. The 1000+ prices completely took me by surprise. I don't expect these to really sell less than the 500-600 range. Once this supply of people who bought them just to resell dries up I would expect the prices to push back up.
  4. hobomaster22

    Scanlines crt screen finally

    Added an option for opacity. Updated the link in the previous post. https://www.doomworld.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=57645
  5. hobomaster22

    Scanlines crt screen finally

    I had spent a lot of time trying to get transparency to work. Unfortunately because it's separate from the app it creates a lot of issues, transparency being one I haven't been able to solve. The work around to get transparency working has crippling performance issues. Hopefully I can work through it soon.
  6. hobomaster22

    Scanlines crt screen finally

    So I've been toying around with this. To get a more realistic CRT effect without editing a doom engine's rendering code is quite difficult. This is the best I've been able to come up with outside of using the engine (before/after): While it isn't technically correct, I think it gives the desired effect. Default settings are tailed for a 1080 screen (at least my 1080 screen). There's a few options to play around with to set to your liking. If you want to play at 320x200 (or not your native resolution) this will only work with Chocolate Doom and Odamex. As far as I know, these are the only ports that handle game resolutions correctly (they do not mess with your screen resolution). I have attached a development build of Doom Launcher that contains this very experimental feature. If you have multiple monitors the screen filter overlay will be displayed on the same monitor Doom Launcher is on. DoomLauncher_2.6.4.1.zip
  7. hobomaster22

    ZDL help!

    If you're on windows:
  8. I don’t believe any is doing this. You can put a feature request detailing exactly what you would want in Doom Launcher: https://github.com/hobomaster22/DoomLauncher
  9. hobomaster22

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v2.6.5 (6/2019)

    Yes. Every closed bug and feature are in 2.4.0 right now.
  10. hobomaster22

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v2.6.5 (6/2019)

    New version https://github.com/hobomaster22/DoomLauncher/releases/tag/ Features/Enhancements Auto complete combo boxes in launch form for source ports, iwads, maps, and demos. Automatically read name from saves. The name will show as the name the user entered instead of the file name for zds and dsg files. Feature to copy file data from another file (title, description, author, etc) Upgraded edit form to use rich text boxes for so that link urls will be styled and clickable. Added 'Create Zip from Directory' function. This allows users to repackage zip archives Doom Launcher cannot read. Bug Fixes Fixed issue that would cause only files from the first added archive to be selected. Fixed issue that caused the launcher not to properly store individual files that were in nested folders. Fix so that a search will stay applied after a file is deleted. Fix for finding map string names across multiple files in an archive. Fix for crash when deleting many records at once. Fix for individual files not selecting when selecting a demo.
  11. hobomaster22

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v2.6.5 (6/2019)

    Doomsday will not work because it doesn't support the basic parameters that every other source port follows. It's main problem is the way you tell it to load iwads which requires special programming for this one port. Could be done in the future if people wanted it.
  12. hobomaster22

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v2.6.5 (6/2019)

    It was used at one point, now it's no longer used.
  13. hobomaster22

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v2.6.5 (6/2019)

    Sure. I've added it to the list of enhancement requests on github: https://github.com/hobomaster22/DoomLauncher/issues/86
  14. hobomaster22

    Why is Odamex so underplayed?

    As far as competitive gameplay, Odamex is by far the superior port. Shots feel correct and is playable with a ping higher than like 50, unlike Zandronum. I don't even consider ZDaemon an option because the port has fallen so far I've put in the completely unplayable category. I think what really steers people away from Odamex is the a lack of features, and other things that are not intuitive. It desperately needs a queue feature for duels and a hub map that you don't need to open the console and callvote to actually play. Pressing the home key to actually start a match and come out of 'warm up' mode isn't obvious either. Zandronum does a ton of ZDoom/GZDoom features that Odamex doesn't have, but I couldn't care less. The port actually functioning correctly is far more important to me. I would much prefer to play on Odamex, but it's basically dead. Zandronum is where you can find games so everyone is going to continue to play there.
  15. hobomaster22

    Pyrrhic 2 - 16 duel maps. Final revision uploaded

    Finally releasing Pyrrhic 2 after months of painstaking testing and map tweaking. A special thanks to Faad3e_, Rosking, Doomkid, and lemonman who were extremely helpful in the tedious testing process. pyrrhic2.zip Also including the Zandronum map selection hub: pyrrhichub2.zip