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  1. hobomaster22

    Pyrrhic 2 - 16 duel maps. Final revision uploaded

    Finally releasing Pyrrhic 2 after months of painstaking testing and map tweaking. A special thanks to Faad3e_, Rosking, Doomkid, and lemonman who were extremely helpful in the tedious testing process. pyrrhic2.zip Also including the Zandronum map selection hub: pyrrhichub2.zip
  2. hobomaster22

    Doom Explorer Issues

    You can also try Doomseeker if you still having problems. https://doomseeker.drdteam.org/ Google probably doesn't allow you to email exes. Better off emailing the download link instead.
  3. hobomaster22

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v2.6.3 (9/2018)

    I understand now. As far as I know there is no API implemented to access the data through the new downloads page. Until there is some sort of API Doom Launcher will be stuck using the legacy idgames database.
  4. hobomaster22

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v2.6.3 (9/2018)

    Hi there, Can you further explain what changing it to /idgames means? I'm currently not seeing a problem on my end. I've tried a couple different mirrors (which you can change in the settings). Doom Launcher doesn't support changing the load order of files inside a zip. I'm guessing you are trying to load something between Ashes2063Maps.wad and Ashes2063Mod.pk3. Your best option would be to extract those files out of the zip and add them to Doom Launcher so they are separate files, then you can control the load order.
  5. hobomaster22

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v2.6.3 (9/2018)

    Doom Launcher is finally on GitHub! Hope to see you there! https://github.com/hobomaster22/DoomLauncher New version https://github.com/hobomaster22/DoomLauncher/releases/tag/ Features/Enhancements Added parameter text box to source ports. This will automatically add the parameter to the launch parameters when the source port is selected for launch. Read item counts from GZDoom 3.5 save games for statistics. Upgraded description/comment text boxes to rich text boxes. Bug Fixes Fixed warning and data issues when deleting utilities. Removed play button on source port form. Fixed additional file handling when changing iwad/source port after the file has been saved. Updated description for files when editing to match the summary view on the right. Fixed issue that would cause a deleted file with tags to be assigned to the next file that is added. Fixed crash when Doom Launcher starts and cannot kill another Doom Launcher process because of permissions.
  6. hobomaster22

    Pyrrhic 2 - 16 duel maps. Final revision uploaded

    I probably won't be able to make it tonight but I uploaded the latest version if you decide to run it. pyrrhic2i.zip
  7. hobomaster22

    Pyrrhic 2 - 16 duel maps. Final revision uploaded

    New title/intermission pic?
  8. Pyrrhic II is a duel map set and successor to Pyrrhic. Since the first installment was so well received and I had an absolute blast working on it, I went right to work on a second pack. Pyrrhic II continues the theme of back-to-basic deathmatch mapping with some more fun duel maps. Still uses stock Doom 2 textures. pyrrhic2.zip
  9. hobomaster22

    Doom Episode 1 v1.2 - 2 disk floppy

    For these types of things, boxes and instructions (if any) is where most of the value comes from. As you know, the box generally gets tossed so the box makes it much more rare. Just look over ebay and see what sells. Even some shareware items can fetch some decent money, but it needs to have the box.
  10. hobomaster22

    Epitaph (dm/duel)

    I missed the original item layout in the post. The nodes are bad in Zandronum and ZDaemon which are the most popular multiplayer ports. I also get the same bugs in prboom. The only port it worked in for me was Chocolate Doom.
  11. hobomaster22

    Epitaph (dm/duel)

    I took a quick look at it and it's certainly an improvement. I like the texture mashup aesthetic. A couple notes: - There are a few weapons on spawns that are not flagged on easy skill for some reason. - There are few places with buggy nodes. The first one I noticed was to the right of the plasma entry where I could walk right though the wall. I rebuilt it and I could no longer walk through walls. I'm sure there are more maps in Crucified Dreams that could produce some good results. However, I feel they would require way more work. Chopping up, pasting parts around, and deleting a lot of lines.
  12. hobomaster22

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v2.6.3 (9/2018)

    New version 2.6.2. Bug Fixes: -Columns changed in Additional Files will reflect back to the main tabs -Increased size of Additional Files dialog -Fixed crash that can happen when an IWAD is deleted and files linked that IWAD are launched -Fixed issue for map marker finding New Features: -Added Play Random Unrated and Play Random Unplayed -Added quick link to view launch parameters -Launch parameters are now merged together (e.g. single -file parameter)
  13. hobomaster22

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v2.6.3 (9/2018)

    I can add random unrated and unplayed, easy enough. As for the screenshots I can see if I can add drag + drop. You can right click the image in Doom Launcher and copy and paste. You can also right click and select 'Copy All' which would copy all images for that wad and paste them somewhere like your desktop. How did you do the delete? The only way to delete an image is right click the image and select 'Delete'. Eeither way you should have seen a confirmation dialog, even if you accidentally did a delete on the wad file. I couldn't replicate any problems with deleting screenshots. Let me know if you find a way to replicate the problem.
  14. hobomaster22

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v2.6.3 (9/2018)

    I could make it scroll to the file and highlight it. Then you could exit the play prompt and do whatever you want without having to go find it. This would be cool. Is there any documentation on the downloads page? Looking at the urls and comparing to idgames they seem to be using different databases. Looks like the downloads is using 'fileid-title' for the page but the fileid doesn't match the idgames fileid. Unless there is some api for me to use for the new downloads page I don't think there is anything I can do.
  15. hobomaster22

    How much data does online DMing consume?

    Zandronum server on windows tells you the data usage. I've run it for duel testing and it's about 6 mb in an hour.