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  1. Latest version posted. Two new maps, 13 total. The other maps were tweaked based on suggestions here and watching others play.
  2. I've got an updated version with 2 new maps. Will post the link soon!
  3. I wrapped my router and ethernet cables in tinfoil. I also made tinfoil hats for my cats. Does this protect me from the vulnerability?
  4. OK so revision b has the most changes. MAP01: Moved SG spawn because it was a death sentence. Removed poison because it was awkward. MAP02: Removed some annoying decorative items. MAP03: A ton of structural changes and lowered height to make it more playable. MAP04: Stretched it out because it was cramped. MAP08: Changed BFG lift to stairs. Opened up stairs to plasma. MAP09: Teleport lift is now fast and also lowers lift to leave BFG platform. MAP11: Stretched it out because it was way too cramped, lowered height, and added a teleporter because it felt right.
  6. If you do this again I may sign up when I'm not so rusty and actually have time to play, unfortunately I do not right now. I remember doing 2vs2 a long time on Onslaught 3 and it was a lot of fun. I had to go back and look at MAP14 and that one should be really interesting with BFGs. What kind of jackass puts two BFGs in a single map??
  7. A couple things I'm considering: MAP08: Removing the BFG lift and replacing with stairs. I think this lift was way harder than I anticipated and awkward. MAP09: Again, maybe the BFG is too hard. I'm considering removing the first lift to the teleporter entirely and maybe the second lift hiding the BFG along with the poison damage entirely. Not as sure on this one but I think it might flow better.
  8. More like Onslaught DM 4.
  9. I fixed the bleeding bars. Somehow I had Zandronum setup with the renderer that hides that issue. Your idea for MAP04 is good so I added it with all the other changes I wanted to make. MAP04 probably has the most changes because of flow issues. I implemented all the changes that Decay and I found while playing and observing others. The server was really helpful especially when watching others play. Someone joined as 'player' who obviously studied the maps. One trick on MAP09 where you can open the BFG door before teleporting was executed right away. I've updated the link with all the fixes. I'm going to be out of town so I won't be able to study anyone playing for a while.
  10. I will be sitting in the server for the next hour or so if anyone wants to join.
  11. Decay, thank you for taking the time to go over the maps. Took everything into consideration and I have already implemented most of your suggestions into the maps and have updated the link. Not sure what was going on in MAP11 there was 5 spawns but the SSG you pointed was supposed to be a spawn so now it has 6. Will see how it plays out later.
  12. Sounds great. I have some time to play tonight. I'll jump in and have my butt handed to me on my own maps!
  13. Recently played some deathmatch for the first time in a long time. I had a couple maps I had worked on and tested back in my ZDaemon days. Decided to pick it back up and run with it. Now that it's at 11 maps I'm releasing a beta. I may have a few more maps up my sleeve but I need to take a break from mapping for a bit. It's intended for 1 on 1 but you can use it how you see fit. You can jam 8 people in it but some maps will be a little cramped and BFG spammed. Hardest difficulty includes BFG while the others remove it with some tweaks to weapon placement. Download: pyrrhic_c.zip
  14. I really love my maps for Doom the Way id Did E1M2 and E1M6. It was fun trying emulate the E1 Romero style and having my kind of flare on it. The project forced me out of my box and I loved the end result. Then there is Pinnacle of Darkness which is completely different. When the map finally came together, it was so epic and gargantuan that I really impressed myself. It's a feeling that I've never really had with my own maps. It was also so incredibly draining I will probably never do anything like that again.
  15. There's some truth to this but back in the day I preferred Plutonia. The music in TNT was amazing. Some of the level/music combinations really stood out for me, like Pharaoh. Plutonia resonated with me because of the clean and consistent level design. The challenge difficulty between the two did not matter for me. I was really young and played keyboard only. All I could complete was the shareware levels, maybe. I just played through the levels with iddqd.