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  1. Thanks for the report. I will work on the two bugs in the next release. There was a change in Doom Launcher where it didn't zip IWADs and they were stored in a separate folder. I think I will remove the extension in the list entirely so it would just display like DOOM, DOOM2, HACX, etc.
  2. Tormentor667's original thread here: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-general/67065-lets-make-a-good-doom-frontend-together/ Just copy the main folder where you want and run. It will prompt you to select your IWADs and display the dialog to configure source ports. You will need at least one of each to start. You can click the menu button left of the search to get back to any of those screens. This does require .NET 4.5. If you do not have .NET 4.5 when you run you should be prompted to download it. New Features: Statistics tracking: (kills, secrets, items, and time). Run dialog contains a Save Statistics check box that becomes available for supported ports: -ZDoom: Uses save games to parse statistics. This means statistics cannot be read for the last level of an episode. Items are not available. Statistics will be recorded when the game is saved or when an auto save is generated. -PrBoomPlus: Uses the -levelstat parameter and parses the generated levelstat.txt. All statistics will be recorded when the game has exited. -CNDoom: Uses the -printstats parameter and parses the generated stdout.txt. All statistics will be recorded when the game has exited. Tagging: Allows users to define their own tags to organize their library. Each tag can optionally have it's own tab in Doom Launcher and specified color. The creating tags menu can be accessed by selecting Manage Tags in the options menu in the top left or by right clicking a file and selecting Tags -> Manage Tags. To tag/untag a file just right click and select the tag you want under the tag menu. Default global settings. Select a default source port, IWAD, and skill to be applied when launching a game for the first time. Selecting files: Now when loading a zip you can select the individual files you want to load. These will be saved if Remember Settings check box is checked. Mod that removes end game for ZDoom ports. This will allow statistics to be gathered for the last level of an episode. E.g. E1M8 will cycle back to E1M1. https://www.doomworld.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=26084 Latest Version 2.6.1: DoomLauncher_2.6.1.zip Known bugs and feature requests: http://realm667.com/index.php/en/kunena/doom-launcher Help Document: Help.zip
  3. Finally releasing Doom Launcher 2.6.1! It took a lot of time but I've finished a help document that encompasses all the features of Doom Launcher. I highly suggest checking it out. Even if you've been using Doom Launcher for a long time, you might learn something new! Latest Version 2.6.1: DoomLauncher_2.6.1.zip Help Document: Help.zip
  4. Yep, that's a bug. Thanks for posing the problem!
  5. Since it's failing to bind the socket, I'm going to guess you have something blocking it such as a firewall, or it is already in use by another program. You also need to setup port forwarding on your router if you want anyone to connect to your server outside of your LAN. https://www.wikihow.com/Set-Up-Port-Forwarding-on-a-Router If you only want your friend to connect, you do not need to broadcast on master. You can open the wad file with zandronum and connect manually using your IP address. Searching 'whats my ip' in google will tell you the answer. The command is: connect ip:port e.g. connect
  6. That's pretty cool, thanks for sharing! I can include this in the next update. The icon for Doom Launcher actually contains all sizes up to 256x256, so I will resize those to match the 150x150 and 70x70 sizes. I'm surprised Windows 10 doesn't check for a larger icon and use that if it exists.
  7. Not sure what's going on here but for me on idgames it's saying December 9: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/valve Through Downloads it has a Submitted Date of December 9 as well: Is it showing up differently for certain people? Here's a screenshot of when I search valiant to prove I'm not crazy:
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I just checked the idgames search and it does require at least three characters. I will add a fix in the next release. I had no idea so this is a good catch, thanks! Thanks! It's good to read positive feedback. Helps me continue work on the next release.
  9. Thanks for the fix, I updated the main post. It was something I threw together really quick. I really wish there was a better way to do it.
  10. Yes. You can also add a SourcePorts folder in the Doom Launcher folder. If you add your source ports to this folder and reference them in Doom launcher the file paths will be local and everything should work straight from a USB drive. I'm wrapping up the next release which is mostly bug fixes and documentation. I should add a section describing the portability functionality.
  11. I think the issue you are talking about was with IWAD files specifically. As the program evolved they were actually duplicated in two folders in Doom Launcher back when they were physically separated. This is no longer the case. Doom Launcher is designed to deal with zip files and the zip files can contain multiple files. For example, files downloaded from idgames generally contain a pk3 or a wad and a text file. They may have more files, bu which these are generally older releases. If it's just a pk3 then it will be put into a zip file because it's easier to deal with for consistency. As far as making a zipped copy in the GameFiles folder, yes this will always happen. Doom Launcher is designed to be a contained application and manage everything for you. There isn't a real reason to go digging into the Doom Launcher folder unless there is an issue. If you download a file from the internet and add it to Doom Launcher it will not forever reference the file in your 'Downloads' folder, it handles the management. If you do not care about this file outside of Doom Launcher you can just delete it.
  12. Thanks for the report. Sent you a PM so we can try to figure out whats going on.
  13. Yes and no. I think CRT monitors helped but 320x200 is no joke. Doom95 helped a bit with 640x480.
  14. I figured I was prepared to see whatever atrocity was hidden in the post. I was wrong. What was behind the curtain was an ugly mess of blue and green that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Images of a paperclip recommending absolute nonsense flashed before my eyes.
  15. Recently played some deathmatch for the first time in a long time. I had a couple maps I had worked on and tested back in my ZDaemon days. Decided to pick it back up and run with it. Now that it's at 11 maps I'm releasing a beta. I may have a few more maps up my sleeve but I need to take a break from mapping for a bit. It's intended for 1 on 1 but you can use it how you see fit. You can jam 8 people in it but some maps will be a little cramped and BFG spammed. Hardest difficulty includes BFG while the others remove it with some tweaks to weapon placement. Download: Latest version has 15 maps. Currently hosted on: Zandronum - [NJ] FUNCRUSHER || Pyrrhic Duel [] ZDaemon - [Doomshack.org] pyrrhic duel testing [] pyrrhic_.zip
  16. The final version of Pyrrhic has been uploaded. Consists mostly of texture alignment fixes. There are some spawn placement tweaks for the last map and a change for BFG access in map10.
  17. Glad it is working well for you. I do not have access to update the download on Realm667. I generally email Tormentor the new revision right before I post it here. With the time difference it generally takes a day or so for it to get updated. I will remove the stats error for CNDoom as well, that one completely slipped my mind. I will put in a fix in the next release along with other issues that may come up. I'm looking to get the build as solid as possible and the feedback like yours is very helpful, thanks!
  18. Updated to the latest revision, now with 15 maps. This most likely going to be the last revision, barring some few minor tweaks that may come out of the final round of testing.
  19. New version 2.6.0. Bug Fixes: - Removed error dialog for statistics when using Boom. - Fix for duplication of files when selecting 'Select Individual Files'. - Fix for editing file descriptions that would cause additional new lines in the dialog box. Also fixed issue that would cause the dialog box to close when the enter key was pressed to add new lines in the description/comments boxes. - Right clicking a file and selecting 'View Text File...' will prompt user to select a text file if more than one is found. - Doom Launcher will remember sorted columns for all tabs. - Doom Launcher will remember if 'Save Statistics' was selected. This previously always defaulted to checked. New Features: - Added comments to the tooltip. - Added shortcut feature. Right clicking a file and selecting 'Create Shortcut' will create a shortcut to launch on the user's desktop. - Added utility feature. You can right click and open a file with your favorite utilities such as Doom Builder or Slade to view wads. - Added feature to update a file. This allows new version of a file to be updated without losing any information linked to that file. https://www.doomworld.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=23324
  20. Latest version posted. Two new maps, 13 total. The other maps were tweaked based on suggestions here and watching others play.
  21. I've got an updated version with 2 new maps. Will post the link soon!
  22. I wrapped my router and ethernet cables in tinfoil. I also made tinfoil hats for my cats. Does this protect me from the vulnerability?
  23. OK so revision b has the most changes. MAP01: Moved SG spawn because it was a death sentence. Removed poison because it was awkward. MAP02: Removed some annoying decorative items. MAP03: A ton of structural changes and lowered height to make it more playable. MAP04: Stretched it out because it was cramped. MAP08: Changed BFG lift to stairs. Opened up stairs to plasma. MAP09: Teleport lift is now fast and also lowers lift to leave BFG platform. MAP11: Stretched it out because it was way too cramped, lowered height, and added a teleporter because it felt right.
  25. If you do this again I may sign up when I'm not so rusty and actually have time to play, unfortunately I do not right now. I remember doing 2vs2 a long time on Onslaught 3 and it was a lot of fun. I had to go back and look at MAP14 and that one should be really interesting with BFGs. What kind of jackass puts two BFGs in a single map??