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  1. tonic

    Fatal1ty @ Quakecon

    Actually I'm not, it's just the sad truth. It's all good though.
  2. tonic

    Fatal1ty @ Quakecon

    I think its a good idea to have girls there. I mean most of those people at those kind of events probably had no social life whatsoever and never really got around girls.
  3. tonic

    Console Code: "give doom95" doesn't work : (

    whoever makes up rumors like that should die
  4. tonic


    did anybody notice the big crap in one of the toilets in the beginning in one of the toilets?
  5. tonic

    chainsaw modelled wrong?

    or maybe nobody at Id really cared? who knows
  6. tonic

    Damn it!

    i think what he's trying to say is that it was too scary
  7. tonic

    chainsaw modelled wrong?

    more importantly, who gives a crap, seriously. the model of a chainsaw is not precisely how it should be, lets have a huge discussion about it. wow.
  8. tonic

    hungry zombies

  9. tonic

    Funny Ass Stuff

    these rules must be life or death, this guy should be severely punished. i mean what a horrible act he as committed. our lives shall be forever changed, i say we hang him.
  10. tonic

    that weird organic growth stuff

    What's up with that? I don't think they never realled explained it in the game.