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  1. sirdaved

    Duke Nukem Forever is 5 years old

    "See I never look forward to an id release, they're all just tech with a mediocre game stuffed into it. " This is the type of comment that is thrown off when someone is having an acute Alzheimer's attack. Ya right! Doom 1&2, Quake 1,2,3, Wolfenstien are all mediocre games and their gazillion buyers are ignorant idiots.
  2. sirdaved

    AHHH, ZDoom Problem

    Since we're on the subject of Zdoom: I'm having trouble using Custom Wads. The Launcher finds them and includes them on the list, but when I run Zdoom (thru the launcher) it just starts at Doom2 Map01. I know that the Wad I'm selecting was designed for Map01 and, in the main menu, I select to Warp to Map01 which should be the Custom Wad, not Doom2 Map01. Am I doing somethin' wrong. (Yes, I did check the box to 'Use Custom Wads').
  3. sirdaved

    Zdoom Question

    Slayer- your link to your ZDOOMGL MD2 pack on Kodak's page apparently doesn't work. Is there another place I can get it?
  4. sirdaved

    doom 95

    I've always preferred using: Y=forward, H=backward, G=leftstrafe, J=rightstrafe. Why? Because it allows you more access to the rest of the keys than the WASD setup. For instance, with WASD, you can't use your pinkie for anything, whereas with my setup it can be used for Run or perhaps Last Weapon etc. Also, it means you don't have your left hand way over to the left on the keyboard which I find rather uncomfortable after a while. One more comment: those that think that a keyboard-only method is superior have obviously never learned how to circle strafe which is nearly impossible without a mouse. If you can't circle-strafe, you'll never beat anyone at the higher levels.
  5. sirdaved

    The sourcecode to Blood and Duke3D

    I want the source code for Britney Spears released!
  6. sirdaved

    Doom2 Sound Problem

    I've had the same thing happen- everything was running fine at one time and then when I went back something, like the sound, wouldn't run anymore. In my case, 2 things had been changed: I had rem'ed out the following comment in my AUTOEXEC.BAT: SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5 P300 T6 Also, I had rem'ed out the following in CONFIG.SYS: DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\EMM386.EXE noems My guess it's the first one that you're missing or is in there incorrectly.
  7. sirdaved

    doom1 wads

    UAC_DEAD.wad rulez. Also, HICLIMB.wad was a great (and under-rated) wad.
  8. sirdaved

    Setting Key Bindings in Doom3d

    Thanks for the info- I'll definitely check into Zdoom for use on my laptops. But just to satisfy my curiosity- does anyone know if Windoom has any options to control settings? I'd hate to think the answer was staring me in the face....
  9. sirdaved

    Setting Key Bindings in Doom3d

    I'm new to this forum but NOT to Doom. Am a veteran of the great Doom summer of 1994 when Wad swapping was a full-time preoccupation! Dr. Sleep, Chris Klie and the bunch were well known to us on Compuserve. Anyway, I'm resurrecting my Doom stuff. Windoom seems to work best as a port for lower-powered laptops (eg. no 3d acceleration and cpu <300mhz). But I can't see any option for Settings eg. key bindings. I've been able to work around it by directly editing windoom.ini but it's rather inconvenient. Does anyone know if I'm missing something here. Forgive me if this has already been asked and answered.