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  1. God Mode ON

    how many have beaten doom 3?

    is the nightmare ending different??!?!?! (veteran level)
  2. God Mode ON

    ZOMBIE YOGa!!!

    lol im waiting for my new card.... but funey none the less
  3. God Mode ON

    Doom 3 on PS2?????

    ps2 cant handle it, tooo puny compared to the X BOX (evil laugh)
  4. God Mode ON

    What was Doom 3's biggest flaw?

    the shotgun was goofy at first but it grows on ya
  5. God Mode ON

    ZOMBIE YOGa!!!

    HANDCHECK!!!! even guards have thier breaks... the next morning..... AH Take ur sweet time marine <3
  6. God Mode ON

    Secret level? / Boss list?

    map game/hellhole map game/hell1 hehe try those im guessin, as for spawning te cool skinned ones, ask around
  7. God Mode ON

    The Classic Doom vs. Doom3 Monster Thread

    yeah. if lost souls can have metal teeth and boosters, why not a brain on stilts i ask u, i too want a mod with CD's like other monsters, and the pinky should be pink, imps need thier spikes and firey eyes back, the zombies got better eyes, caco's need more red, and thier spikes (or did i miss some)
  8. God Mode ON

    Question about the Ending (obviously contains spoilers)

    wow two very thought out and explained posts, very nice, both make sense tough to choose...... betruger = demon mwhahahahaah
  9. God Mode ON

    How much memory?

    make shure u chek ur computer manual, i went and bought the wrong kind, make sure u get the correct pins, and if it doesnt fit dont force it
  10. God Mode ON


    yeah, that one looked liek it took a while and some skin gad damn
  11. God Mode ON

    Doom 3's Funniest Moments.

    when the two hellknights come out of the portal, i was laughing histerically at how bad i was gonna get my ass beat, wonderfull time, watching my buddy play and he got scared to death at the imp that crawls through the steps after hellbreaks lose, damn there broke my chair
  12. God Mode ON

    Secret level? / Boss list?

    its fun to imagine that they are barons, cause they look hardcore kickass
  13. God Mode ON

    ZOMBIE YOGa!!!

    duhhhhhh nm
  14. God Mode ON

    Did Doom Guy have a helmet?

    hahah thats it!!
  15. God Mode ON

    Hate being attacked?

    they probly were goin for a more realistic invisionment of a one man army, 2 ton weapon toting, flashlight beating, berserkin beast, they wanted it fairer for the demons u see, not u!