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  1. myrworld

    Into the Deep

    Thanks for playing the level. Did you actually finish it out, or has anyone else tried the level, for that matter? I'll hunt down and fix those texture misalignments you pointed out and upload the new version in a little while. The switch you were talking about is one that I'm not as sure how to fix. Perhaps someone who edits Legacy more would know this: When aligning textures for a 3D surface, does one align the texture on the dummy sector's tagged line or on the line of the tagged sector? Can one even align textures on 3D objects? On the speed issue, and I should have mentioned this earlier, just kill the dynamic lights and fireball lights. Legacy doesn't do a good job with them anyway, and the level runs huge leaps and bounds faster, even on my ancient machine. If that isn't enough of a speed boost for those who try the level, then I'll cut out some of the 3D stuff.
  2. myrworld

    Into the Deep

    I've redone a wad I made a while ago, fixing texture alignments(ty Doom Builder), adding some areas to the level, adding a tiny bit of scripting, and generally cleaning the level up. I also rebalanced it to make it harder. Play it, test it, curse it, and tell me what needs fixing and improving before I upload it to /newstuff. It's a Doom Legacy Doom 2 wad b/c of 3D and FraggleScript. On a 400 Mhz Win 98 computer it runs smoothly in all but one area. I've had no crashes. The only bug is a Legacy problem with save games. http://www.myrworld.com/beta/IntoTheDeep.zip -RCM
  3. myrworld

    Teleportation comes in real life

    I'd already heard this news a while ago, and as cool as it is, there's a difference between matter and photon waves that can't be ignored. Now, I honestly believe that this technology would be cool as anything, but there's some severe problems with it. Don't think I'm a teleport basher :), I'm a fan of Stargate SG-1 and Trek(You'd know this if you went to my site R! World), so this all seems cool. But the facts still remain, that beyond uses of transporting light for ultrafast telecommunication, I can't see matter being moved anytime soon. 1) Despite the fact that we have figured ways to break the laws that are applicable in relation to maximum processing speeds and memory buffers with IBM's Pixie Dust and other methods, the processing power would still need to be immense. Big Blue wouldn't be anything in comparison, nor would any Cray super computer. To do this would require masses and masses of supercomputer farms that would surpass even the Genome Project's. This is a temporary boundary, however, so it can be bypassed, perhaps by using the very superfast CPUs that the transport of lightwave/particles would allow. It could help create itself, but either way, this delays any ideas for years. 2) My god, the energy requirements! They would be tremendous beyond compare. Where would we get such energy? This is another possibly temporary problem, but unless it is figured out, nil teleportation. As someone said, E=MC^2 3) The sources of matter. Many people have brought this up. Matter has to come from somewhere, we can't just go "Pop-goes-the-atom" and we've got the elements needed to generate a person. This possibly could be gotten around by massive mining projects for common elements which might be available here and on the moon, but that requires massive money. 4) The Heisenberg Principle. This is a concept that states you can't measure anything without changing its properties. A simple example is that when measuring water, you need to place a thermometer into it. However, this thermometer's temperature ever so slightly chages the temperature of the water around it, and in turn has changed its properties. Minutely, yes, but has changed them all the same. Now, you would have to have every atom measured to make a dupe of you, however these measurements could never be perfect. Although it might jsut be a few atoms the first time, a few atoms count when it comes to your neurons in your brain. 5) Ethical issues abound around one more concept: shake-and-bake cloning. I'm not against cloning in some senses, but the potential to clone an army of clones now that their bodies can be stored in the humongous Pixie Dust hard drive and then just made over and over again from the same template. Attack of the Clones, anyone? These are just some examples of problems that would be entailed when dealing with teleportation. I know many of you probably hate Star Trek, but I suggest going to the Trek Tech Forum of http://www.trekbbs.com They have actual scientists go there and hold discussion of real merits on the topic, and it can sometimes be good reading. Search for transporters. It can get very real scientific. Also check out teleportation physics under Google if you want a run for your money. Hope this was an interesting diatribe. And I haven't even covered any of the prerequisite dangers. -RCM
  4. myrworld

    A new Legacy Deathmatch Wad

    Tarkus: I tried to consider gameplay with the poison chambers, but I'm more used to dealing with the single player ideas, so I guess I'll get rid of the poison effects and such, which I guess makes sense. If Legacy's hardware transparency worked, it would make things a little easier, but I guess that's the limit of dealing with it. I do have very little experience with Deathmatching period, this started as just something to play around with in Legacy, then I decided to make it into a level. This is an experiment, mind you, that's why it's here. As for the fruitti, it isn't there in hardware mode and is in Software, so I'm at a loss as to how on earth to repair it. One other thing I've found problematic is that Legacy uses this bloody Texture Auto-Fill, so when I get rid of the texture for the water, guess what it does...it puts the first texture it finds in the list in there. It sucks! lol 999cop: Read above. As for the beams, that wasn't originally what I planned, and they'll probably go away once I take the time to catch on to Fragglescript. See, you can't place objects on the higher levels unless either they have a real floor below them, ie not 3D, or you use Fragglescripting and Dehacked to place them there. It truly sucks. I don't like the bars either. fodders: Comments are fine, it's just that, "God it's not very good," doesn't tell me anything about what's not good and what to change. I don't mind it, it's just not very useful. Thanks for the thoughts, -RCM
  5. myrworld

    A new Legacy Deathmatch Wad

    Fodders, Thanks for the brief words, but what in particular isn't very good. I can't learn if I don't know what sucks and what doesn't. -RCM
  6. myrworld

    /newstuff Chronicles archives!

    I could write the oldstuff chronicles as I've been in this world of Doom since the beginning, but unfortunately my collection of old wads has disappeared with old computers. If people where to vote or give suggestions for ones for me to play, I could, MAYBE, give it a go. The only thing is that the oldstuff's would be, of course, posted on R! World, http://www.myrworld.com I really don't know if I'm up to the time it would take, but who knows, maybe it could be a joint project with a few others, like Pritch, who have great big wad collections. My two cents, -RCM
  7. Hey'a, I just have placed a new Legacy wad out for deathmatching, available for download at http://www.myrworld.com/addon.php?section=addon&subcat=doom&pageid=210&go=1 , that makes extensive use of Legacy's 3D. I didn't get into the dynamic lighting that much, as it slows down the game a lot, but I made pretty much the whole level's structure based around the concept of 3D. You use 3D tubes to swim up to different levels, most of the walkways are layered, etc. You can't get anything good unless you use the 3D to its fullest. I also tried to consider gameplay elements, ie, handing out punishment via poison when you try to go for the bigger guns, to even the odds up a bit. Also, something subtle is that the tubes light up on the outside when someone goes in them so that people on the outside can notice. Here's the bugs I know exist but I don't know how to fix: 1) In Software mode, the center tube goes tutti fruiti, and I'm sure I'm missing something stupid. 2) In hardware mode, the tubes don't have transparent walls and instead they're solid. Now, I'd love to hear suggestions, comments, and bug reports(especially ones with suggested fixes *wink, wink*) before I send in news and place this in /newstuff. Thanks, and I can't wait for comments, hateful or good. :) -RCM
  8. myrworld

    Off Topic: Python & MySQL, anybody able to help?

    Uh huh, read below: Unfortunately I must concur. If I wanted a simple scripting engine that only runs on Microsoft based servers or slowly runs with a shell server that doesn't even allow for ASP's native Visual Basic to be used on a *nix system, I would use ASP. However, I already have a perfectly good web scripting language that I'm fluent in, PHP. Perhaps you've heard of it? It's that really popular and easy to learn language that isn't proprietary, out runs ASP, has better compatibility with databases, and in general would <bleep> on ASP. Just a friendly note, not meant to be personal against you, Lazer, just felt an education on what ASP really is was in order. ;) Back to my question, however, how do I link Python pull the info out a MySQL query performed with Python. I wish to use Python to do this for a script I am creating that runs for the purpose of generating a socket server from which to serve content to Flash. Beyond that, I also intend to use Python to create small programs that can run under the Windows environment and access MySQL using ActivePython and MySQL for Windows. To do this, however, I need the help that you guys provide, which is to help me, if you can, figure out how to get the information out of the query. I know it has something to do with Tuples, but Tuples are very confusing to me, even after various tutorials. Thanks again, -RCM
  9. Hey'a, I'm trying to use the MySQLdb extensions to Python to allow me to communicate with a MySQL database. After reading the far too brief documentation, I am unable to figure out how I would get the data from the result-set after cursor.execute("""QUERY""", (tuplestuff)) It's totally throwing me for a loop. I think it might have something to do with my lacking knowledge of object-oriented programming, but as many people here often work on source-ports, and likely the OOP C++, I'm hoping someone might be able to help explain things to me. Here's a link to the documentation: http://sourceforge.net/docman/display_doc.php?docid=4664&group_id=22307 Thanks a million in advance, -RCM
  10. myrworld

    Show off your homepages here.

    I nag people enough here with my site, but oh well, I shall nag some more. ;) http://www.myrworld.com Here's a screenie, although I should mention I didn't take the time to tell Flash to export the JPEG with any compression, so it's a large file for the puny image size. http://www.myrworld.com/rworld_screenshot_5-31-2k2.jpg -RCM
  11. myrworld

    A ports directory...

    Hey'a, I was wondering if many of the people here who use the various source ports would like to pool there knowledge on the various ports, obscure and well known, from Legacy to Skulltag, into this thread from which I will make an article to post on R! World, http://www.myrworld.com I personally don't have enough experience with all of the ports to do this myself, so any help you frequent users could provide would be a help to me in making this article, and in turn would provide an outlet for you to point all of those having the "I'm new to source ports" moment. Thanks ahead, -RCM
  12. myrworld

    New Vavoom On View

    I will agree the Vavoom is very stable, but it feels lacking. It's graphics don't match par with jDoom's as far as I can tell, and it isn't as fast either. Those aren't the biggest problems, though. I would like to see a level using it's enhanced features that works, but the level off of the Vavoom site crashes Vavoom evertime I try to run it. Does anyone have any suggestions? -RCM
  13. Hey'a fellow webmasters, Kinda a multi-parter wondering by me: 1. What web design software do you use, this goes from Dreamweaver to Notepad? 2. What are the main graphics tools you use, be it Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, Freehand, or Paint? 3. If you use a backend language and database, which ones do you use, PHP, MySQL, ASP, ColdFusion, PostgreSQL, etc? {EDIT} Thought I should also mention what I used, lol. I do most of the design for the current R! World, http://www.myrworld.com, in Dreamweaver 3. I find it's the best way to come up with the actual design in a practical way. Then I went back with Notepad to fix and modify anything I couldn't do by hand. I did most of the CSS using Dreamweaver and the newer stuff in Notepad. The JavaScript is either mine or stuff I ripped from other people, with all credit given. The PHP I coded for the most part in PHPCoder and for quickies I went into Dreamweaver's coding environment or good ol' Notepad. The graphics are primarily done in Flash 5, although I have been known to make use of Freehand 10. I do need a good bitmap editor, however, like Fireworks or PSP. As for the backend, I run on a Linux/Apache pairing with PHP 4 as my coding and MySQL as the database. I also plan to integrate an XML based Flash IM, and other assorted things. The IRC server I run is Hybrid 7, I believe. Just curious, RCM
  14. myrworld


    Hey'a, If for some reason you unfortunately don't make it in any of the big three Doom sites, i.e. Doomworld, NewDoom, and DoomCenter, contact me about hosting at R! World, http://www.myrworld.com This feature isn't here yet, but it will be in the coming months, and it would be nice to have some hosted projects at R! World. RCM
  15. Hey'a, I was wondering where I might find a jDoom .wcf for WadAuthor. I thougtht I had spotted it, but now I can't seem to find it again. Could someone point me in the right direction, because I can't wait to make use of those XG features without manually adding the properties. :D RCM