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  1. FlexGalaxy


    Dumb Question. Sarge is the 3rd boss I believe. Is Sarge the guy from the beginning of the game that tells you to follow the sentry drone to the elevator to Mars City Underground? Just wanted to be sure.
  2. FlexGalaxy

    Hell On Earth Mod

    I think there might be a different forum i could ask this, but i'll ask here anyway. Anyone hear of when the DooM3 mod "Hell on Earth" is going to be available?
  3. FlexGalaxy

    Doom Movie Question

    So who's starring in this movie? The Rock or Karl Urban?
  4. FlexGalaxy

    New game to look forward to...

    http://www.insidemacgames.com/news/story.php?ArticleID=3515 Seems interesting...definitely curious about how it works out.
  5. FlexGalaxy

    DOOM 3 - Screenshot Walkthrough

    damn...thats pretty good work
  6. FlexGalaxy

    Why? [Shotgun Guy / Sergeant]

    Sarg- Some angry retarded guy Troo- I have no idea?
  7. FlexGalaxy

    Why? [Shotgun Guy / Sergeant]

  8. FlexGalaxy

    When I go to sleep at night, I see Doom!

    lol you guys are crazy
  9. FlexGalaxy

    Cyberdemon Vrs The big Spider

    If you were in an open area with a cyberdemon, you could be able to dodge his rockets, if your fast enough. But, I dont think you would escape the spider mastermind's chaingun. If there was stuff you could hide behind, then i'd tip my favors toward the cyberdemon. It depends on the environment...
  10. FlexGalaxy

    Walking movement.

    Cmon, you need to unleash a plasma gun on some revenants...
  11. FlexGalaxy

    Hell Hole

    I just found it kind of interesting that if you put on god mode and fall down in the center hole of where you're facing the cyberdemon, you can walk a good amount into the hell hole. I was wondering, why waste time making a small path into the hell hole?
  12. FlexGalaxy

    Hell Hole

    thats probably it, i don't think it could be for any other reason
  13. FlexGalaxy

    Hell Hole

    I just meant why extend the tunnel if you're not supposed to be able to get in there anyway? Plus, i got to try the max payne thing :)
  14. FlexGalaxy

    doom3's last monster

    ...(4) times with the soul cube...
  15. FlexGalaxy

    Anyone else irritated by the lack of SP auto run?

    i got the doom3 zboard, so running is a breeze for me...
  16. FlexGalaxy

    Favorite Console Doom soundtrack

    sorry, i stick with my quake 2 tracks...
  17. FlexGalaxy

    heh (very small clip)

    It's on of those, "It's so bad, it's good" kind of deal...
  18. FlexGalaxy

    Doom Movie Question

  19. FlexGalaxy

    Are there more video's of "Mesh" playing Doom3?

    Maybe, he made mesh skip some of the levels to get to the good stuff
  20. FlexGalaxy

    Any news on the X-Box version lately?

    i heard oct 4...wtf
  21. FlexGalaxy

    Wish for a Doom monster?

    The Icon of Sin ("Known as John Romero's head")
  22. FlexGalaxy


    pretty good, nice track