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  1. Any Heretic/Hexen fans here?

    I rather enjoy both Heretic and Hexen still. I go for Heretic when I want something quicker usually. A really good mod someone made that changes it up a bit is Decent into Heresy by OSJC. Link: Decent into Heresy
  2. ZDoom LE (Legacy Edition)

    Will xinput support come back by chance?
  3. Strange Aeons 5.7

  4. I like it. personally, I like the ammo box being different from the rest of the bar. The only thing I notice is the text in the ammo box is kinda blurry. And maybe some different coloring for the numbers?
  5. I think that combined with the rounded shape frame of the current status bar would look really cool.
  6. Regarding the status bar, The current one looks pretty nice. I kinda liked the bloody one, but I can see why it's kinda hard to see in some spots. Personally, I would really like to see one based on the stone/marble texture like the one used in the current intermission/tally screen (the one shown on page 9). I think it would fit really well with the darker and less techy vibe of doom 64. It's likey too much to realistically ask, but one thing I would really like to see would be a different doomguy face based on Helmeted doomguy (like the one also shown on page 9's ending screen) that got more cracked and damaged as the player got lower on health. Maybe even showing part of doomguy's bloodied face behind a completed cracked/removed chunk of the visor when the player is near death.
  7. Those new graphics look awesome. I love the title and intermission pics. Really looking forward to when this comes out.
  8. Playstation Doom Arch Vile Sounds!

    No, I didn't. :( Just the second video. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Playstation Doom Arch Vile Sounds!

    What's the difference between the doom 2 style and the motherdemon style? Could this be used in more vanilla style ports like doom retro?
  10. I concur. I think that would fit well with the theme of D64. Dark-tech into hell themed.
  11. [Pixely Effects Mod / BETA] DEAD MARINE

    That looks pretty cool. Do you happen to know if it will work with ZdoomLE?
  12. HeXeReTiC Fantasy v1.2 + HUD (Updated 2 Dec 2017)

    Any chance of a monsters only version of this?
  13. Dark Encounters 32 map MegaWad

    Not very far, but I'm loving it so far. Level design has a very Quake feel to it. Some nice traps and ambushes. The music is excellent as well along with the ambient sounds. Plays awesome with D4T too.
  14. ZDoom LE (Legacy Edition)

    Thank you very much for this. As someone who is still stuck on an older, lower powered pc with win xp and GL 1.4, I really appreciate this. Any chance it will support mods made for gzdoom 3 like High Noon Drifter, smooth Doom, PSX TC, or skulldash in the future?
  15. I look forward to checking this out in Hexen. Seems like it would be a pretty good fit.