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  1. Those new graphics look awesome. I love the title and intermission pics. Really looking forward to when this comes out.
  2. No, I didn't. :( Just the second video. Thanks for the reply.
  3. What's the difference between the doom 2 style and the motherdemon style? Could this be used in more vanilla style ports like doom retro?
  4. I concur. I think that would fit well with the theme of D64. Dark-tech into hell themed.
  5. That looks pretty cool. Do you happen to know if it will work with ZdoomLE?
  6. Any chance of a monsters only version of this?
  7. Not very far, but I'm loving it so far. Level design has a very Quake feel to it. Some nice traps and ambushes. The music is excellent as well along with the ambient sounds. Plays awesome with D4T too.
  8. Thank you very much for this. As someone who is still stuck on an older, lower powered pc with win xp and GL 1.4, I really appreciate this. Any chance it will support mods made for gzdoom 3 like High Noon Drifter, smooth Doom, PSX TC, or skulldash in the future?
  9. I look forward to checking this out in Hexen. Seems like it would be a pretty good fit.
  10. Something about the way he described Doom in that part and the fact that he was holding up his hands like he was using a controller made it seem like he was lying/faking about growing up playing doom when he was younger. I'm sure he played it right before filming to get an idea of what it was about, and maybe still plays now. But I really doubt his sincerity in that interview.
  11. Hey Brad. Is there a link to that 256 color version of the Doom 2016 cover art that you posted a while ago? I'm having trouble finding it again. I'd like to see if it could be made into a titlepic. Alos, is there a way to make the pfg edition of doom 2 display a titlepic other than the nerve intermission pic?
  12. shit man, I remember you from looong ago! what was your original name again? I recognize you by the avatar.

  13. I collect heavily for Gameboy/collor/Advanced myself. Doom/II are both on my want lists. But indeed they are expensive and definitely downgraded from the originals. My best advice is, visit local game stores or flea markets and gain a rap-ore with the owners/employees. Some will let you know when they come in. Also, it will be cheaper most likely buying from a retro local game store than looking on ebay. Above that, don't make an impulse buy if you can't afford it. I've been looking for copies for years. I make weekly trips to three different stores. Most will call me if something I really want comes in. I don't get anything on ebay mostly because of the prices and there is a certain thrill and satisfaction of walking in and finding just what you were looking for. I've passed up a few good ones in the past that are hard to find just because of the price before. Regretted it a bit, but life goes on. Some I did stumble on again later on when I actually did have enough disposable cash to pick them up. Lastly, how much do you actual play your gameboy? I play mine almost everyday and have a case which I cycle games in and out regularly of so I have a variety of choices. I also Have a genesis which I love, but don't get to be home enough to play it much at all. That's why I don't really collect for it. Gameboy on the other hand is worth collecting for since I play it a lot. If you play your gameboy a lot, I would say it would be worth it if you find it in the wild and can afford to drop the money at that moment without going broke. Happy hunting.
  14. That's nuts. I'm more concerned about why John wanted/needed to auction them off.
  15. I think that would be a really cool and rather fitting addition for DR. Nice and subtle, but quite cool and makes sense.