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  1. Xulld

    Looking for videos of people playing

    I made this one that is cuts from the entire game. http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=27182&highlight=Spoiler
  2. Xulld

    Doom3 - video - Spoiler Alert

    Yea I made it days after Doom was released so I didnt want folks watching it who hadnt beaten the game. I see waht you mean now. Yea I just took the theme song from the .PK4 and edited Doom footage together, but thanks. Im doing another one, more of a antics /comedy this time lol. Then I suppose ill do one with an actual plot
  3. Xulld

    Doom3 - video - Spoiler Alert

    How so? I made that the title so that anyone who has not beat the game would not watch the movie.
  4. Xulld

    Doom3 Recording Project Discussion.

    Fraps is the way my friends. I havnt been able to make good use of the ingame too many problems currently. Fraps works great with fairly small file sizes usually not more than a couple hundreds megs @ .avi dependant on the length of footage taken. However,it will lock the Recording at 20,25,30 Fps as desired. I have made movie no sound that came out to 19 MB just under 5 minutes long. 640x480, very good quality, and Fraps when recording didnt hurt my framerate too significantly. It will record sound just at the cost of a slightly larger file-size. Doom_spoiler_movie Download HERE
  5. Xulld

    how to make an Avi movie??

    I have had no succes with using the ingame demo features. I use fraps to record in Doom3 it works great. fraps.com
  6. Xulld

    Do you think HL2 will have better graphics than Doom 3

    And could very well lead to effects that are more advanced than we would have thought or lead to a discovery of limitations and a possible solution, having different methods and exploring the outer bounds is what keeps the software tech advancing.
  7. Xulld

    I need horns on my demons

    yea deffinatly a sloppy wet pouring sound, emm
  8. Xulld

    doom music

    Its in the Doom3 folder on your computer its installed and in game you here it in the main menu. Pakscape will open .pk3, and pk4 files. just open the pakscape folder and drag the file into it. It opens the .pk4 file so you can browse the contents. You can change the file over to a different format using a audio converter app. .:all kinds of file formats .wav, .avi, ogg ect:. sounds great on my system as a wave file with 24bit high quality. If you need any help use google, thats were I found all the programs like pakscape, and the audio converter. Have fun and cheers I also use winamp for playback I find it far superior to Windows media player, at least for audio.
  9. Xulld

    how many have beaten doom 3?

    Save alot and I have an 8 button mouse and a weapon on 6 of the 8 so I never have a problem with what weapon is whipped out lol, I beat it on marinie in 2 days, on vet in 3 days, now trying nightmare it like the way I play anyway take a hit reload. BTW I dont reload often : ) _________________________________________________ 3Hours thats bullshit/ 6Hours stock thats BS aswell, you couldnt do that with godmode on.
  10. Xulld

    when the hell is ID gonna make an update

    If your having issues with bugs and want help, then please post your hardware profile, along with a dxdiag.
  11. Xulld

    Script for spawn monsters

    No its not. Go ahead use the console function just like the next guy and I did and spawn in a bunch of monster then take off your notarget, and watch them all aquire you, and your system go to slide show. Test it out and come back and tell me what you think. Even better use fraps and post the benchmark. You are correct sir obviously you have tried this as I have. To bad, perhaps some of the optimzations of new patches will help who can say <shrugs>
  12. Xulld

    Script for spawn monsters

    Well for one when alot of creatures are al on the screen and have you targeted then it is hugely taxing on the system resources.
  13. Xulld

    MAP for see all monsters

    Last level of Doom2 continuously spawns monsters and when I needed a fix I just warped right there.
  14. Xulld

    Doom3 - video - Spoiler Alert

    Yea it was a little slow on the DL srry guys. Yea no point realy just a movie to show off Doom3.
  15. Xulld

    What was the most annoying way you died?

    The Super bounce grenades when I first tried them Uhg