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  1. KillerKhan

    ZDaemon Switching Ports?

    Really it should be a mixture (eg. JDoom + ZDoom, PRBoom + Skulltag, Legacy + ZDoom + PRBoom) What i rekon is JDoom (With Chebpack) + Skulltag. Check out my 1/2 Dun Mod @ doomith.cjb.net :D
  2. KillerKhan

    Doom 2 Shareware UNOFFICIAL project and a new mod

    ahh, screw everthing...
  3. KillerKhan

    Doom 2 Shareware UNOFFICIAL project and a new mod

    1st thing, who the hell is bothered to do anything?
  4. KillerKhan

    Aint skulltag called Doom XP?

    im crazy
  5. KillerKhan

    Doom 2 Shareware UNOFFICIAL project and a new mod

    U speak funny, ill just stick with the mod then... :) happy? u said something bout law blah blah blah and so on.. so ill just stick with makin the mod, WHO ON EARTH WANTS TO HELP!?!?! btw... im only 12 so dont expect me to know a whole lot
  6. Hey every1 but i just had 2 tell u guys that im creating a new wad based off doom 2, its just got a few levels off the full version single player... all i need is 2 things... a map maker and a someone who can change the coding a bit so the origonal source port comes out and read doom2share.wad instead of reading doom2.wad ----------------------------------------------------------- Im also workin on a new mod... its DM all i need is a dm map maker again... and i am willing to take OTHER peoples work, so this is YOUR chance to send in some of your work to make a really big mod, if u can make dehacked files great, i need you too, send ALL work to smilee@paradise.net.nz (INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME AND NICNAME IN THE EMAIL) will be in cast. THIS MOD IS DM ^ the best stuff will be in the wad... Applications for a FULL JOB to itsfrozensolid@hotmail.com Single send in files for sprites/sounds/graphics and so on, send em to smilee@paradise.net.nz
  7. KillerKhan

    Aint skulltag called Doom XP?

    Wasn't there a competition that renamed skulltag to Doom XP?!?! and what about all those other competitions that those guys won the who is the main character, etc... btw... i WAS lees@the.net.nz :P and that wasn't a nicname, i wasn't bothered to login to hotmail :\ MWAHAHAHAHA btw... if you think that Carn should host ANOTHER competition to change the name cos doom xp and skulltag aint that good a names... well skulltag is, but doom xp sounds like its for windows xp... if you think this put a reply to this cos its better than u >;) MWAHAHAHAHAHA.... hey i said that twice YAY add me to your msn messenger list if you dare to... :)
  8. KillerKhan

    Somemore Skulltag ideas

    You could add some stuff like, 3 team ctf in future? Bot editor/creator, Dos Port, Gl port with models not sprites (use from jdoom or something), addwad --> IN GAME <-- sorta like quake 2 (set game blah blah blah) so u could put addwad wadname. Double jumping and all that from quake 2 (makes it look far better that quake 2 and stuff if u know what i mean ;) ). Thats bout it?