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  1. Not-Shotgun_Bill

    esco off

    you wanna know why esco was banned? cuz the doomworld admins are jerks, especially arioch
  2. Not-Shotgun_Bill


    wel 2pac died and he is still releasing cd's
  3. Not-Shotgun_Bill


    trying to record a 20 minute song would be a pain. 15 minutes into it you mess up and have to sart allllllll over.
  4. Not-Shotgun_Bill

    "Those breasts are lethal weapons"

    this isnt an issue of playboy
  5. Not-Shotgun_Bill


    ever see that nofx cd that is just 1 20 minute song?
  6. Not-Shotgun_Bill

    Some Internet Explorer issues

    well i never had any internet explorer crash on me, EVER
  7. Not-Shotgun_Bill

    Some Internet Explorer issues

    maybe if enough people on these forums complain about internet explorer it will fix itself.
  8. Not-Shotgun_Bill

    Another lamadelic pronounciation pole 665!

    well you really cant go by whats in the doom bible cause then why not ask "what happend to all those items?"
  9. Not-Shotgun_Bill

    One more quick question Nigel

    whatever you use to spice it up doom will still be doom
  10. Not-Shotgun_Bill


    i havnt heard much tool. the only song i have recently heard was skism and it suked
  11. Not-Shotgun_Bill

    Duke Nukem 3D 'Build' style editor

    [/bad joke]you could allways "build" one[/bad joke] Yahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  12. Not-Shotgun_Bill

    i almost died last night.

    does alcohol count as a drug?
  13. Not-Shotgun_Bill

    rpg tc

    doom rpg eh? see ya in a couple of years when you finally get sick of it and give it up
  14. Not-Shotgun_Bill

    Go play Gore

    not to mention that map
  15. Not-Shotgun_Bill

    where the hell is deadnail

    he's probably out gettin a hair cut