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  1. ImAllOuttaBubbleGum

    Doom worked fine... put new vidcard in... now it doesn't.

    u didnt mention anything about installing the latest nvidia driver or directx and what-not...
  2. ImAllOuttaBubbleGum

    ATI Radeon 9200 (SE) or GeForce FX 5200

    ZyborZOR you CANNOT replace HP motherboards! "If your PC is proprietary, don't even think about upgrading the motherboard. This includes all notebook and laptop PCs, and many of the models from the big brand names, such as Dell, --> HP <--and IBM. The problem with attempting to upgrade the motherboard in a proprietary PC is that the new motherboard will cost several times as much as a standard motherboard, if you can even get one. In some cases, you may want to buy a new case, put in the new motherboard and then transfer all the components you can from the proprietary PC, but even the standard drives may have been manufactured with non-standard connectors." - http://www.fonerbooks.com/upgrade1.htm "GeForce cards used to be really good but ati passed them a while ago and now they jsut keep kicking their ass mroe and more." FACT, Doom 3 uses OpenGL which Nvidia "jsut keep kicking their ass mroe and more" (refering to ATI). After all Nvidia did help in the development of Doom 3 so it's kind of a no brainer but im sure you knew that b4 you made that comment huh. You can go brag about ATI in the HL2 forums cause ATI has their hand in that game (Direct3D) so it'll outperform nvidia obviously.
  3. ImAllOuttaBubbleGum

    No specular, No bump on my ATI ...

    you bought the game didn't you? you spent money "just for a simple game" have you not? if you dont got the required hardware don't buy the software! (assuming you did, however i have my doubts as a decent card only costs twice as much as the game itself...) if ppl just read the required system specs on the bottom of the box they could rid themselves of money well wasted "just for a simple game". reading system specifications is simple too, try it sometime
  4. ImAllOuttaBubbleGum

    sounds slow doom 3

    i also have SoundMAX audio without any problems whatsoever. tho i use GeForce FX5700LE 256MB in high quality. try updating your sound card's driver. also try playing in medium quality to see if the problem exists there. if it doesnt you've found your problem.
  5. ImAllOuttaBubbleGum

    ATI Radeon 9200 (SE) or GeForce FX 5200

    he can't replace the motherboard, it's an HP! it's an integrated proprietary computer. PCI is incredibly slow compared to AGP, don't consider it. ATI Radeon 9200 (SE) & the GeForce FX 5200 AGP models both run Doom3 not-so-great so on a PCI it would be murder, not to mention a waste of money. I was in the same situation 8 years ago when i bought a Packard Bell. When it was time to upgrade i found out i couldn't and it pissed me off. I learned my lesson and began building computers.
  6. ImAllOuttaBubbleGum

    Do you have the Intel 82845G chipset? Discuss it here

    it all depends on your budget and how demanding you are of performance. most ppl fall into the $200 budget range (like me) cause im not a hardcore gamer so its not a good idea for me to invest $600-$800 on a top end card just to play a couple games. if you decide on nVIDIA go with the GeForce FX5700 and up and try getting 256MB. if you decide on ATI go with the Radeon 9xxx and up 256MB ideal. make sure you got an AGP slot 8X compatible b4 considering buying anything! check newegg.com and ebay. good prices.
  7. ImAllOuttaBubbleGum

    Doom3 auto-dials to the net whenever i run the game

    i finally solved the problem! Windows XP updates installed a Service called Remote Access Auto Connection Manager, in the task manager its listed as rasautou.exe... Creates a connection to a remote network whenever a program references a remote DNS or NetBIOS. So i went into services.msc and i disabled this service from running. stupid windows updates always gives me garbage i dont want! grrrr! ;(
  8. ImAllOuttaBubbleGum

    Radon X800 Not Working With Doom3

    400+ watt PSU is not necessary. the only time your computer will ever use that amount of power is during boot up. i dont know the specs on the X800 but i do know that on the GeForce 6800 Ultra the PSU spec is 350 watts. 300 watts is a bit low by todays standards, however i dont think lack of power is whats causing your problem since you claim that you can run the TimeDemo fine your essentially playing the game at its peak power consumption. Try stress testing the card using 3DMark03. This will benchmark your card pushing it to its limits so u can narrow down the source of the problem. http://www.futuremark.com/products/3dmark03/ i forgot to mention, also install the directX 9.0b which comes with your doom3 CD, or download 9.0C from MS website if you haven't already.
  9. ImAllOuttaBubbleGum

    Will it run nicely on YOUR system?

    with the notebook u should be able to play on Low Quality setting. with the other im not sure since its a PCI card and not AGP. you'll be able to play at High Quality but it might be really slow, i'm not sure about PCI...
  10. ImAllOuttaBubbleGum

    Why does my Doom 3 run slow?

    do the following if u havent already: download the latest nVIDIA driver and directX 9.0c. then run the game and activate the console by Ctrl + Alt + ~key (above tab) and type without quotes "timedemo demo1.demo" which will run a benchmark and return a result in FPS (frames per second). Run the benchmark once more and then record your result and post it here. your video card should allow you to run in Medium Quality 800x600 at least. if you want better frame rates i suggest turning off Shadows in Advanced Settings in Doom 3, and then going to your nVIDIA driver settings located in your taskbar (a little logo icon) and change the default "Quality" to "High Performance". doing the above should grant you 10-15 more frames. another way is by overclocking your video card which will give you a few more frames but it can lead to trouble so id only recommend this only if you know what your doing! another option would be getting a better video card. i hear 5200's arent great cards for cutting-edge games like doom3. good luck
  11. ImAllOuttaBubbleGum

    problem with CD/DVD emulation?

    well whoever is responsible is clearly looking out for their best interests rather than their paying customers. do they really want to give ppl a reason not to buy their product? we pay good money for this game then we are forced to remove certain software which they dont want us using? wtf gives them the right? :(
  12. ImAllOuttaBubbleGum

    problem with CD/DVD emulation?

    thats id software's way of eliminating the creation of doom3 backup cds even tho its your computer, your software, and your doom3 which u paid good money for. you should have every right to use clonecd on your machine and you should have the right to make legal backups should u misplace or dont want to scratch your originals.
  13. ImAllOuttaBubbleGum

    Doom3 auto-dials to the net whenever i run the game

    i just recently been having this problem. at first i set zone alarm to not allow it to connect to the internet and it didnt. the next day it connects using my dial up account without my permission! i exit doom3 and disconnect the connection. a few seconds later it tried to get online again, and again... so i rebooted. i checked my firewall zone alarm and doom3 is blocked of any internet access. i checked internet explorer Tools>Internet Options>Connections and "Never dial a connection" is checked yet it connects regardless. I ran Trend Micros free online virus scan and results came up clean, however my Anti-Virus program did detect a worm in my system32 folder a couple days ago b4 this problem began and i deleted it as instructed by the virus scanner. i think this is unrelated, but i could be wrong. i have never d/led any mods for this game nor would i need to since dial up users like myself cant play this game online. i want to know why doom3 dials to the internet everytime i run the game when i blocked it in my firewall, disabled auto connecting in IE, and assuming i have no trojans, which would typically dial home doom3 cdkey info when i NEVER d/led anything related to Doom3 period. this is driving me nuts :( p.s. i noticed this problem began after i had installed Windows XP updates, dunno if this is the culprit. i was able to deny doom3 internet acess sucessfully b4 the updates, now it has a mind of its own and its taken charge! :(
  14. ImAllOuttaBubbleGum

    Really weerd graphics error

    great to hear :) d/l directX9.0c it might slightly improve your frame rates.
  15. ImAllOuttaBubbleGum

    Really weerd graphics error

    the "Red/White Dots Everywhere" thread might have a solution. lots of ppl with similar problems using ati 9800's there.