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About Me

Long time Doomer, and gamer. I have a keen eye for details, and has beta-tested several games. Will gladly play people's uploaded maps and offer feedback.


Been mapping for a few years now, and gotten better overall. I always play with mouselook on, so my maps are

created with that in mind. Jumping and crouching should generally be disabled though.

I tend to lean more towards vanilla-style maps made with official resources & textures.


Current projects released:


Interstellar Infestation for Doom 2: TNT

A short map with techbase design I made years ago,

just to test the waters on doom mapping with UDB.


Waterways for Doom 2: Plutonia

Recently released map, longer and bigger. Hope people will like it.


Marble Crypt for Doom 2


Marble stone for days with this tomb-themed map.


Hellcave for Doom 2


Hellish cavern-themed map.




Doom 2: Revisited


Remake of Doom 2's first episode, with a modernized touch. Released demo.


Infested Cargo


Remake of Interstellar Infestation.


Service Complex - Doom 2


Underground techbase with dark themes,

spanning multiple maps, and a complete story.


Dark Vessel - Doom 2

32 map megawad. Currently working on MAP26.


I have more maps that I may release as soon as they get some polish done.