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  1. Zesiir

    Bluemont | DOOM 2 wad | GZdoom

    I think this map is fine. It's basic, but it works. I encountered no issues whatsoever. Doors were unpegged, textures aligned and there was a good balance of combat vs gameplay flow. It has the foundation of what a map should be. Now it's just a matter of adding details into it, if you want. Make it more memorable, add more encounters, change the music, etc. I'll gladly play more in the future.
  2. Zesiir

    The wicked on every side : REMAKE

    I made it until the last map, where I gave up. Slaughter maps are not my thing. But I think it's still a decent wad overall, it's clear a lot of work has gone into it. The limited use of textures does not bother me that much, I get the idea that each map has a theme. I had the most fun with the early maps before combat encounters just evolved into giant arenas filling up with monsters. But there's certainly something here for everyone if you're looking for pure, combat focused gameplay.
  3. Big, open and sprawling labyrinth of hellish architecture and plenty of alternatives for exploration. Combat encounters are tight and balanced, and it seems like a lot of polish has gone into testing it. Non-stop action from start to finish, no complaints here. The map could benefit from some height variation, but I understand if you want to keep it a bit claustrophobic. Found no issues or bugs. It's a good map, I had fun playing it.
  4. You might want to post some screenshots as well as some info (which formats, recommended ports, IWAD required etc) about the wad you're making. So people have an idea what they might get into.
  5. Zesiir

    The wicked on every side : REMAKE

    It's not there for me. Is it flagged for all difficulties? I'm on UV.
  6. Zesiir

    The wicked on every side : REMAKE

    Looks like I'm stuck in MAP05. I've hit the switch that revealed the 3 Cyberdemons and killed them, but I haven't found the red key. Any ideas?
  7. Zesiir

    The wicked on every side : REMAKE

    A pegged door texture means that the wall texture that's underneath the door moves with it when it opens. Commonly you can check the "Lower Unpegged" checkbox in Ultimate Doom Builder so that the texture will not move with the door. I just wondered if it was intentional or not. Like this one:
  8. Zesiir

    The wicked on every side : REMAKE

    I'm on MAP04 so far, so I'll have to write summary when I am done. But I think you should definitely post some screenshots, this is one hell of a good wad you've made. I'm getting some strong Thy Flesh Consumed vibes from this. Everything from level architecture to combat encounters are very well crafted. One question though; are all door textures meant to be pegged? Almost feels like it's done intentionally.
  9. One gorgeous, sprawling and difficult map. Gameplay flows well and although ammo is tight you can manage if you just play it safe and explore. Most combat encounters boil down to just assessing the situation and trying to keep a cool head. There's always enough supplies available, and the balance feels very good. The only part I didn't like was the one where you had to climb platforms over the lava lake while a teleporting cyberdemon took potshots at you, and trying to frantically dodge enemy projectiles and meanwhile find more rocket ammo to deal with the Barons. It felt like it relied too much on RNG with the Cyberdemon and was only frustrating. I died more than 20 times in that area alone. Part of the me wanted to quit right there, but I did want to see what else the map had to offer so I pushed through. And I am glad that I did. Design-wise it is a very cool take on E1M1, even with the similar secrets. The non-linear design works very well and it's always fun to replay maps like these and try a different approach. Architecture is very well-done with classic Doom Hell themes that blend in with the techbase parts sprinkled about just fine. Enemy variety was good as well (even if you'll encounter your fair share of Barons on UV) and boss fights felt well-thought out for the most part. A great take on the classic E1M1, with a brutal, hellish twist. Just be prepared if you play on UV, it's quite devious in places!
  10. Zesiir

    Alright WAD [WIP]

    So many problems. The main issue being, the level order. I get the idea that the creator wanted to put two different wads they made into a single megawad, but it doesn't work. The first three level are extremely basic, and full of the usual beginner mistakes. There's not much to say there. Then they end on a text screen, basically just saying that the creator is lazy. Then it's normal maps all the way to MAP16. Why? Skipping to MAP16 to start the other "wad", which does show that the creator has improved somewhat. But it's confusing, they clearly have enough competence to make a custom start screen, as well as some Doom Maker trickery, but I still encountered pegged door textures through the entire thing. It just felt lazy, to be honest. Gameplay flow is uneven as well. I almost ran out of ammo in MAP18. MAP17 is just a single room where you press a switch, wait a minute or two and then exit. The most fun I had was the last map, MAP19. It felt the most polished of the bunch (even if it still had all the same issues) and felt appropriately challenging. Unfortunately I blundered into the secret exit before I could finish the map, and was teleported to a map that is basically just a room with a thousand Revenants in it. The wad is uneven. For a first wad it's fine I guess. But I'd just skip directly to MAP19.
  11. Zesiir

    My First Wad/Mod for Doom 2 "Doom Rooms"

    OP = Original Post
  12. Zesiir


    For a map with mostly gray brick textures, it's alright! Combat feels fair, enemy placements are good. The beginning caught me off-guard, but as soon as I saw that switch I knew what to do. Not sure what else to say. It's drab to look at, and D_RUNNIN gets old quickly as usual. But no issues to report. It's a perfectly fine map.
  13. Zesiir

    My First Wad/Mod for Doom 2 "Doom Rooms"

    Unfortunately I don't speak spanish. So unless you're willing to translate the OP I'll have to pass.
  14. A good few maps with decent combat that ramps up significantly around MAP04. Level design is decent, with varied environments and decent texturing. The first few maps start out very basic, with simple techbase designs but they work for what they are. They do seem a bit bland at times with the same lighting and low-tier monsters. But if this is how the author started out, it makes sense design-wise. A good little wad that may suffer from some gameplay flow problems, but definitely worth checking out. I found some issues, see below;
  15. Good map! If a tad on the easy side, combat encounter-wise. But great level design overall. I always had enough shells for the SSG. I also got all secrets, the rocket jump secret in particular took a while to figure out. But it's fun to see nice rewards hidden behind gameplay puzzles. The only issues I found were a few misaligned and/or odd textures; one at one of the doors in the beginning, with wood panels not aligning due to height differences. Another near the teleporting cacodemon room that just a lacked door track texture. And a few boxes near the Plasmagun secret that had the wrong floor flats (brown for gray crate, etc). But nothing gamebreaking. All in all, a fun and atmospheric map with clever secrets.
  16. Since I'm new here and this community is something I've been wanting to be part of for a long time, I thought I'd post some of my work. While this is not my first wad it's the one I've polished the most lately. Really tried to bugfix, balance and whatnot. Basically the idea came to me when I listened to "Waterworld" by Bobby Prince; to design a map around viaducts, sewers, waterways etc and make bright and colourful, while being a fun and engaging map. Plutonia's textures worked perfectly for this. I'm also somewhat of a secret nut, so there'll be plenty of those. This is a long and somewhat difficult map with focus on Plutonia-style gameplay. Save often! Uses the MAP06 slot. Hit me up with some feedback :) Download: Waterways.zip Screenshots:
  17. The clinic is overflowing with patients, but don't worry - the doctor is in. I didn't expect to hear a midi rendition of Vengaboys when I started this map, but oh well. It's a quick romp through a small hospital-like map filled to the brim with cannon fodder, and some more tough monsters to spice it up a bit. It's well-balanced, and the SSG shines throughout the entire thing, even if the Chaingun also has it's uses. Map is well-stocked on supplies, so it's worth it to be a bit careless. Final fight in the parking garage mostly boiled down to letting the monsters infight, then finishing Cybie off with the SSG. But that's fine. Only issue I found was the door to the garage, that needed an unpegged texture. Solid, fun map with good SSG gameplay, well done.
  18. Fun little map! Combat felt fair, ammo and weapon placement was well done. And the level flowed nicely throughout. I found no issues.
  19. Thanks so much :) This map has come a long way since I started it. I dare say, it's now complete.
  20. Updated file. Fixed missing textures, added more detailed environments, some additional combat encounters, difficulties and autosaves! It's a breeze and/or power fantasy on ITYTD. UV should be the radical opposite, for all you Plutonia masochists.
  21. I'm working my way through the wad and I must say, the maps get better and better. They are fun, engaging and creative. Enemy placement is fair, challenge is good and there's really nothing to complain about gameplay wise. I especially enjoyed MAP32, MAP17, MAP20 and MAP21. Good work.
  22. Zesiir


    Here's a blood fountain I made, from an upcoming megawad project.
  23. Zesiir

    Big Maps with Icon of Sin at the end

    I'll shamelessly plug my own project here.
  24. My design philosphy is 'Realistic Environments, but fun gameplay'. It's basically what it says. Make the map look either like an environment based on reality, or a place that could exist somewhere. In context with the setting, of course. And factor in the fun gameplay that Doom has, make the player enjoy themselves. Of course there are exceptions to all things, so in some cases I try to get more fantastical when dealing with Hell themes. But working in realistic environments in those themes can work really good as well, to add a surreal feel to a map. Most of all I try to stick to a basic, Vanilla Doom feel with textures and architecture.
  25. Eh, I dunno. Maybe I am just grumpy. Maps 01-05 were quite good. Difficulty on UV is harder than what I usually expect, so I had a bit of a hassle getting into the mindset. But once I did I started to appreciate the map designs, they look great and play great too. Map 06 felt more like a brief joke at the player's expense, a ton of hitscanners in a tiny area while being railed by more powerful monsters from afar. Not very fun. Though that followed up with another Not-see map that was great. And so were the rest, up to MAP11. Cyberbullies in particular was a fun take on Cyberdemons chasing you around, and usage of clever teleport trickery to give them the advantage. I think my main problem with MAP11 was all the projectiles. You constantly had to hide behind cover, wait for all the projectiles to hit, move somewhere else, repeat. And at the same time get caught offguard by monsters teleporting in or hiding. I died over and over again. And when I finally got to the end, it killed me anyway. Not very rewarding, though I understand the need to delivering the player to the next episode. I'll keep at it, don't worry.