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    Noobe that be me. I am a first person shooter type but never took to the monster killing type games. However because of all the hype about the high end graphics of this game I went out and bought ATI's 9800 pro video card and decided to plug this sucker in and giver a go. Well upto now its been quite a ride. The secong nite playing i'm creeping through Alpha Labs heart still at 120HB/sec after killing two of those pumpkin throwing bastards when the lights go out. Ok I know some damn thing is about to show itself.i'm tense.a little scared wondering what kinda thing wants a piece of my ass when all of a sudden my cat decides to jump up on my lap. Had to pause the game to change my underware. Havn't seen the cat since. Gotta hole in my window with fur on the edge. Christ I think I blacked out. Anyway I degress. My question is I have picked up video discs off of desks within the game but once I have them I can't find them in my inventory nor do I know how to play them. Can anyone tell me what to do with them and where they go after a I pick them up?