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  1. NeoNite

    Worst WAD?

    Worst wad... I had a list once.. A list of tons of horrible doom levels, from cdrom.com and the maximum wads cd. (yeah well most of the times when you download a level you never know what you'll end up playing eh? Some of those levels were beyond stupid, didn't make sense at all, hundred million enemies in one room and almost no ammo ;) Or even worse: an archvile at the beginning of the level, a pool of slime, nowhere to hide.. no weapons... only one way out, small corridor, imps blocking the way.. Pure genius I'm telling ya.
  2. NeoNite

    The /newstuff Chronicles #79

    hm don't get me wrong here.. but I think this wad shouldn't have left his harddrive. I mean, it's a first wad, and you shouldn't release it on the net. What you ought to do, is keep working with the editor, until you can come up with something which looks more decent, and makes more sense .. Honestly, none of the four levels made sense :) I'm not flaming the guy here! I'm just saying, he should have waited a bit longer, and maybe released his fifth or sixth wad. (first thing that came to mind when playing this wad was "This has to be a joke".. I couldn't help myself thinking that over and over again. None of it makes sense :-/...) But the levels I've seen.. ho boy.. check the maximum wads cd for example :(
  3. NeoNite

    The first wad you remember playing?

    What's the name of your first wad?
  4. NeoNite

    The first wad you remember playing?

    Heh I remember the first time I was able to use the free mouselook function in doom :D One of the first wads I had to check out, was darkcovenant and of course the city level ;) Check this one (use gllegacy or jdoom etc...) Load the Apocalype2 wad, warp to the level 12 (the one with the huge octagonal room etc...) Probably the deepest pit I've ever seen...
  5. NeoNite

    The first wad you remember playing?

    Heh I still play that wad (every now and then) twelve levels right? First one isn't bad.. I like the city level though... First wad... no idea.. it's been so long.. played probably over 3000 wads. I can't remember :)
  6. NeoNite

    Who was looking for a certain wad?

    It was probably me...??? Crap on a stick.. damn this isn't the one :) I already have that wad.. It's Bryan highschool doom I'm looking for (bhs_doom) six levels. And it sure as hell doesn't look as good as SJC. But ah well... Maybe I'm confused here and you're talking about someone else :)
  7. NeoNite

    Hi everyone.

    Damn shame man :( really can't find it anywhere on the net.. not even using morhpeus for crying out loud.. Sunet used to have it I'm afraid. Ah well... too bad for me /me takes supershotgun and ends his misery... Cybie is smiling.. What are you looking at? /me hunts cybie. Cybie poops his pants! Not again! Noo! Come here ya coward! BLAM Damn cyberdemon bastiches :D
  8. NeoNite

    Hi everyone.

    Hi lizzardcommando. Remember me sending you pm asking wether you had a copy of bhs doom or not? (3 or 4 if I'm not mistaken) Thanks for not replying eh. All I needed was a yes or no; In case you had it, I even provided you with a link to upload the file to. Thanks a lot eh.
  9. NeoNite

    (making)adding sprites

    Ok thanks for the help guys :)
  10. NeoNite

    (making)adding sprites

    i've been meaning to make a monster replacement sprite wad for doom2. But there's this one thing though that's been buggin' me :) Say you've drawn a monster, scan it and want the background to be transparent. Apparently only (?) gif files support transparent backgrounds? But wintex can only read .bmp files? I'm using photoshop and paintshop pro (also have illustrator and coreldraw, so no problem in chosing a good graphics program :)..) Same thing goes for walls: If I want to make a gate, how to I delete the redundant parts? (again, making sure they're transparent) Appreciate any help :)
  11. NeoNite

    The best Monster convertion?

    Snowimp :) heh I don't know why... but it's so damn funny seeing snowmen running around the level :D
  12. NeoNite

    Looking for old doom2 wadpak

    I know ;) I performed a search for the bloody thing on google, only four (dead) sites. So that's why am I asking people if they still have it backed up on their computer or a cd :)
  13. NeoNite

    Looking for old doom2 wadpak

    Ok or he's on a holiday, or for some he doesn't feel like replying at all... :( Please can anybody check their doom dir just to see if you have the wad? Please if you do so, let me know... :)
  14. NeoNite

    Looking for old doom2 wadpak

    Well I did a search on google, browsed all the sites, still no luck. Guess you're the only one left who can provide me of a copy of BHS_DOOM LC :)
  15. NeoNite

    Doom2 Sound Problem

    Yeah after adding it to the bat file I checked my setup... and yes sc is on irq 5. prboom is compatible with dos 1.9 doom for playing demos? All of them??