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  1. Just before Christmas, with not a whole lot to do over the holidays, I decided to buy a copy of the Battle Chest (I gave my original game away after I stopped playing). I figured the 40 dollars couldn't be nearly as bad a waste as some other games I bought over the years.

    I'm pleased to find out the game isn't nearly as screwed up and unbalanced as it used to be. There are a wide variety of viable characters, and the ladders don't seem to be dominated by a very specific type of character.

    I've really gotten into the game, and I started to notice all the qualities it has compared to more modern games. Over the last week I've been telling my girlfriend about my character, describing things from the game, etc. A few days ago I decided to show her the game. Usually her undivided attention in the evening goes to the Game Show Network, American Idol, or some kind of movie with a 5 or 6 IMDB rating, so I was happy when I noticed that she didn't take her eyes off the computer screen. When I took a break from the game, she asked me if I could play again.

    On Saturday, she asked me if it's possible to play together. I installed it on both our laptops, and made me stay up till 2am playing with her.

    She had 3 or 4 of her characters die over the weekend, and she's thinking of maybe not playing Hardcore mode anymore, but the fact that she doesn't seem ready to quit Hardcore is kinda impressive.

    She went back home tonight (halfway across the city) and she texted me around 12:30am telling me she can't sleep because she keeps thinking about the game. She can't really play because she borrowed my other mouse while we were playing in my living room, and now she doesn't have a mouse at her place. We're going to the computer store after work tomorrow to get her a new mouse.

    I always thought the hot gamer girlfriend was some kind of fortune that befell men in some kinds of fairy tales. It's interesting how quickly life can change, and you don't realized it's happened until you're in it.


    Diablo 3 looks terrible, like some kind of slow-paced, cartoony, WoW-inspired Activision mess.

    After 10 years of having nothing to do with Diablo II, and not being able to remember any of the music, I expected to hear the memories come flooding back when I started playing. I was amazed to find that I had no memory of the music whatsoever. Considering I put about 500 hours into the game when it first came out, I definitely wasn't expecting that.

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    2. DooMAD


      Jodwin said:

      Eastern Sun > Vanilla LoD

      Will have to give that a try at some point. Tried MedianXL, but didn't think much of it. Seemed somewhat unpolished.

    3. ReFracture


      I've played the original Diablo countless times...

      Now a twist:
      Playing the Playstation version!

      Actually.. it's not bad. I'm surprised how well they have kept everything together.

    4. DooMAD


      Finally got round to trying Eastern Sun. Liking it so far, although some of the item descriptions are a tad bewildering. I'll have to learn this strange new shorthand language before I have any idea of what does what, heh.