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  1. Are you serious? Is this how you really want to run your site? Why don't you show a little appreciation to the people who provide content to your website and make it popular? I never spammed your site. I never went out of my way to offend people or hurt their feelings. I'm basically donating my time to give advice, as I see it, to others, and you can't even be bothered to send me a message talking about your problem. No polite request, no warning, nothing.

    I've received plenty of "Like"s for my posts and I haven't had a single person complain to me about anything I said. But apparently, none of that matters to the power-hungry control freaks running this site.

    I've posted on many, MANY web forums over the years, but NOTHING compares to the incompetence in how your moderator/administrator, or whoever, demonstrated in handling this situation. Maybe I should be thankful that people like you are administrators of marriage websites instead of police officers or judges.

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    2. Jonathan


      From searching that forum, there seems to be plenty of people throwing the n-word around. Clearly, you should make it your mission to report each and every one of them. The moderators will struggle under the mass of these reports, and the banned users will lead a popular outcry against the repressive policies of their crazy relationship forum.

    3. Sharessa
    4. DuckReconMajor


      exp(x) said:

      Because some moderator didn't know what it was and Googled it – an action that could be considered NSFW.

      Read the FAQ. Anything that brings up p**n when Googled is not allowed.

      >takes another bite of banana c***m p*e