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  1. I guess I'm going to pop the $50 CAD plus tax tomorrow and try it out. It sounds like an OK game. I hope it resembles Hexen in some way. It's the kind of gameplay that turns me on, I guess. We'll see...

    I just wish I could get rid of these deadwood games... Warcraft III, MOH:AA, SimCity 4... Freaking hate my collection.

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    2. Use


      A HD crash just like that with no prior warning? That fucking sucks...and is frightening.

    3. AndrewB


      I guess none of the expansions actually offer a new, similarly-sized world. Aye?

      I explored the sunken ship at Sedya Neen, but found little of value. Man, that was challenging. I also entered the evil Camonna Tong farming base near Pelagaid. Now, it was VERY challenging to get there, what with having to avoid those scrib monsters or whatever they're called.

      But I did manage to steal quite a bit from that... place. In one evil guy's manor, I found one guy's locked and trapped desk. First, I took the manor key that was sitting on the desk. That didn't work, so I lockpicked the desk and then used a probe to disarm the trap. 700+ gold was inside. Beautiful.

      There seem to be a couple Thieves Guild members in the Camonna Tong farming base. That's odd. As you all know, the Thieves Guild is the underdog at war with the Camonna Tong (the nasty mafia of Morrowind) and I'm a member of the Thieves Guild. What will we do about the Camonna Tong??

      Here's what I think of the game so far...

      Atmosphere: 8/10 - Extraordinary atmosphere. A little bit down-to-Earth and unmythical in its feel, or else it would be higher.

      Replayability/Addictiveness: 800% - About 8 times as addicting and replayable as the average game, or something.

      Play control: 3/10 - Hard, clunky, jerky player movement. High mouse latency. Slow controls.

      Graphics: 8/10 - Amazing smoothness, and the game really stands out during the sandstorms in Ald'Ruhn. Pixel shading effects poor, shadows poor.

      Sound: 5/10. Repetitive music, annoying footsteps, but otherwise decent.

    4. Arioch



      Tribunal is just one big city, even though it has something like 3 underlayers.

      Bloodmoon takes place on Solstheim, an island to the Northwest of the main island. It's pretty big, but still not anywhere near as big as the main island itself. Contains one Imperial fort and 2 Nord settlements.

      "Challenging" is when you start clearing out 6th House bases. To say nothing of the Blight.