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  1. Yep, the first 5 days of school in my entire life. Where do I start?

    I guess it started Monday, with the orientations. Network orientations, programming orientations, gym orientation. Bought $880 worth of books, and was toured around the building with a group.

    Tuesday, more orientations, and then classes started after lunch. Fundamentals of programming languages, some history, and that sort of stuff.

    Anyway, there are other classes that come with the Computer Systems Technology course. Business skills, accounting, communication, time management...

    I bought a card that costs $45, and gives $50 worth of food at the cafeteria. Usually, when one gets a convenient little card for buying things, they have to pay extra money. Nice that I actually SAVE money by using it.

    Over the weekend, I'm going to be reading up on Java fundamentals. It's a pretty huge course. So far I've saved $175 on books by taking back 4 of the new ones, and buying last year's from another student. There's at least one more book that I can return and buy used.

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    2. Fredrik


      Java sucks.

      Convince them that you should learn Python instead :P

    3. AndrewB


      Not only that. Before this week, I've done maybe 40 hours of schoolwork in my entire life.

    4. Danarchy


      Welcome to reality.