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  1. http://www.paherald.sk.ca/MainPage.aspx?PageType=FullStory&PartialStory=No&StoryID=4362

    This was Saturday night, as we were going up North to our house for the long weekend. We were among the first at the scene, and at the front of the fray. Traffic on the highway was backed up for about an hour.

    The EMT services make sure they block the scene with vehicles, basically so that onlookers see as little as possible. The front halves of both vehicles had disappeared. I have no idea how this could have happened on a quiet night with normal weather.

    1. Job


      Pot, alcohol, road head. All could've caused the accident on such a nice eve.

    2. AndrewB


      Two 40+ year old teachers and a 40-something farmer?

    3. Job


      AndrewB said:

      Two 40+ year old teachers and a 40-something farmer?

      Hm... Alcohol, maybe. Pot, probably not. Road-head? definitely...as far as the 20 40+ year old teachers are concerned.