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  1. Evidently, they're one of the most horrible grammar crimes imaginable. Professors will take big marks off your grammar score if they see them. And they're very common in casual writing. Most people have a lot of trouble identifying them, but they're very simple.

    Take two complete statements. If they are joined with a comma (instead of being two complete sentences) then it's a comma splice. Example:

    Comma splice: "I want you to give me one million dollars, that would make me very happy."

    OK: "I want you to give me one million dollars. That would make me very happy."

    Any time you use a comma when it would work to use a period is a comma splice. Just because one sentence is on the same topic as the next one, some people think that they're related, and so they put a comma there. Correct placements of commas have nothing to do with subject matter and context. Paragraph placements do depend on context.

    And no, there are no comma splices in this post (beyond providing an example).

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    2. AndrewB


      Xaser said:

      AndrewB = Moron

      You're the moron for sticking the word "because" in there when is wasn't there to begin with.

      Consider the following: "I want you to give me one million dollars. Because that would make me very happy."

      That is not correct grammar. The second sentence is not a complete sentence. Therefore, it does not work to put the period there.

      Putting the word "because" in there would indeed fix it, but attaching two complete sentences with a comma is what we're talking about. You seriously need to learn some reading comprehension.

    3. Bloodshedder


      Adding the "because" makes the phrase a dependent clause, which can't stand as a sentence alone.

    4. fraggle


      Scuba Steve said:

      Pfft comma dumb.

      What are you, some kind of comma comedian?