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  1. I just got through a few midterm exams. Scored 94 on accounting, 88 in the networking class, and have yet to get my results back from the MS Word, Excel, and operating systems classes. The remaining exams are on Computer Science and Java.

    As for Halloween day, I was the only one in the class to dress up at all. Fortunately, I avoided a lame, cheap Halloween-related getup, and went with a quality bright orange jumpsuit. It fit perfectly. About three times I heard the joke "You won't get hit by a car today!" 3 or 4 people asked if it was my Halloween costume, or if I just wore it to be cool. About a dozen more people asked what I was supposed to be. They guessed city worker, technician, janitor, repair-man... I never gave an answer; probably because none existed.

    Our latest assignment is to write a Java program that plays the dice game 10,000, shortened to 5,000 and 5 dice.