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  1. Let me just say that Doom Anomaly is one of the finest examples of a proper young human being to ever grace these forums.

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    2. Melfice


      Lut: one of the most kickass and intelligent people I know online, a good friend, too.

      Doom Anomaly: A very light hearted and nice person, therfore a nice person to know :)

      darknation: nice sense of humor, even if others sometimes can't see it, atleast you try. You also rule for being a NIN fan.

      mewse: he just rules, and everyone knows it.

      TStuke: a good artist

      Use3D: a really good friend (of mine anyway), nice to talk to about stuff, understanding.

      BBG: Funny as hell, and cool to talk to

      Nanami: a very nice person. period. :)

      BlackFish: If I could ever get him to talk and say something more than "heh", i'd like to compliment him...but since I can't I'll just say he's doing a good job on that Doomworld RPG from the way it looks.

      Footman: He's really cool, and a good artist, too. Too bad that he hardly every draws anything but that slutty bat, Rouge.

      And thats enough compliments for one post, heh.

    3. Jonathan


      Fredrik: He's perhaps the finest amateur ice skater I've ever seen.

      Mewse: He has amassed an extensive collection of Russian war hero figurines that really is world class.

      Pritch: He's got a sense of smell so keen he puts badgers to shame.

      Cyb: Definitely the kind of guy you need around in a limbo-dancing related crisis.

      BBG: Even when we were faced with imminent death this guy still managed to fry up breakfast, while balancing an orange on his eyeball. Respect.

      DoomBoy: He can fit the whole damn thing up there. Astonishing.

      Arioch: No matter the time, no matter the place, he always has a small to medium chunk of kiwi fruit to spare for a friend in need.

      Scuba Steve: If I live to be a million, I'll still remember I owe it all to this guy and his skills with a bible, a cat and a pair of curling tongs.

    4. Ralphis


      Noone likes me