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  1. So it's 4:15 PM today and I'm at the bar with some classmates after a long week at school. I order a Ricker's schooter and a plate of 10 teryaki wings (at $2, I didn't realize that they weren't on special). We laugh it up for about half an hour, making fun of the other Dvorakers in our class. and as the waitress comes around, I finish off the ale and give her the empty glass, nodding politely. About fifteen minutes later, she comes around with another pint, saying "That'll be $3.25, please." I reply with "What? I didn't order that." -- "No, when I asked you if you wanted another, you nodded twice." I protested. "No, I can't drink another one of those!" She walks off in a huff. A friend sitting across from me said that he didn't hear her say anything about another drink.

    Next time, if the waitress asks me if I want another one, I'll nod my head yes and say "no."

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    2. Danarchy


      Disorder said:

      Yeah, me too.

      As it is for me as well.

    3. Amaster


      dsm said:

      Yeah as long as they don't end up like "cities that never sleep" like NYC.

      New York sleeps between 4 and 6 am.

    4. AndrewB


      Is that an average?