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  1. Two years ago, in 2002, I bought two of these controllers (one in August, one in September) for PC use. With 10 buttons + analong control, it works great for NES, Super NES, and N64 games. At $35 CAD + tax, they're about as inexpensive as you can get.

    Over the last few months, I noticed the cable breaking and coming loose where it connects to the controller. A few days ago, one died completely, and the other would only work if I put extreme pressure on the cable.

    But as luck would have it, I've saved every single receipt for everything I've bought since then, except those freaking controllers. I spent about an hour last night and today looking for the original boxes, finding nothing.

    The lesson is this: Don't give up and buy a new [something] when you can't find the receipt. Today, I phoned Staples, the department store in which I bought both controllers, asking if they kept records of past purchases. I was redirected to the Manager, some 20-something girl named Tammy. I explained that I bought one controller in August and one in September, using cash, with no other purchases made at the time. Fortunately enough, nobody else in those two months had bought those particular controllers with cash and nothing else on the purchase. Tammy said that I'll be able to pick up the receipts from customer service on Monday. Hooray!

    So then I phone Gravis (Kensington) technical support. I talk to an tech person from India (surprise), and explain that the controllers I bought two years have gone shnauten. (They have a three-year warranty.) He asks me to read the serial number on the product tags of the controllers. I notice that only one of the two actually has the tag on it. I read the serial number to him anyway.

    So what happens next? He tells me that they're going to send me two new controllers in the mail, no receipt needed, and I don't have to send the old ones back if I don't want to. Incredible!

    Strange how a bout of bad Murphy's luck (keeping all recepits except the ones I need) can be followed up with a double-dose of makeup luck.

    Sidequestion: Why do the tech companies have these Indian tech support representatives? Sure the labor is cheaper, but phone calls to India are like 50 cents a minute. That's $30 an hour. I don't get it.

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    2. AndrewB


      Update: I just realized that when I gave the Indian guy the address over the phone, I gave him the city address (which I intended to), but I gave him the postal code for our house in the forest, 110 miles away.

      I sent an email yesterday to hopefully correct my screwup.

    3. Linguica


      I have a PS2->USB adapter so I bought a cheapass third party PS2 controller. It's pretty awful, nowhere near as sturdy and responsive as a real PS2 controller, but hey it was free ($10-$10 rebate)

    4. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      I don't really like third party controllers as much sometimes, because some of them have those extra things to them, and use too much power so you can't use them with multi-taps.