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  1. After coming back and catching up on reading the Doom 3 forum, I've decided that if I receive Doom 3 as a birthday gift tomorrow, I will exchange it for something else; probably a flash chip.

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    2. destx


      AndrewB said:

      So much bullshit it isn't funny.

      I think he just wants attention, guys.

    3. toxicfluff


      Speaking of the Zombie marines, they struck me as really ridiculous. Some of the (if not _the_) hardest fights in Doom3 are when you are thrown into a situation with a couple of shotgun or machinegun Zsecs. Which kind of sucked in terms of difficulty curve, since they mainly appear earlier on. Fuck the Hell Knights, fuck the bosses - these guys killed me more than anything else in the game.

      As for linearity I'd say it's of a similar linearity to Half-Life, although a little more so. Less linearity is something I would of really liked in the game - the way the levels had so few areas off the main route kind of stopped me from ever feeling like I was in a deserted and yet overrun place.

    4. rf`


      AndrewB said:

      God that family is so picket-fency.

      I wonder why.