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  1. It's interesting that the human race has been around for 200 thousand years or something along those lines. But it was just in the last few hundred years that people stopped burning witches and slavery was abolished. It was in the last century that women were officially considered people, just like men.

    Obviously society has evolved quite a bit in the last few hundred years. But is it really evolution? After all, evolution is an improvement process that spans over millions of years, not hundreds, so I doubt it.

    So what has happened over the past few hundred years to cause this blossoming of morality? I'll tell you what has happened: Medical science.

    Before modern medicine, childbirth was a gravely dangerous process. It was common for women to die, and the chance of the baby surviving was practically a coin toss. Even when a childbirth was successful, brain damage was common. Oxygen deprivation during birth is the #1 cause of permanent brain damage; the kind that leads to mental retardedness and growth deformities.

    With the surface of modern hospitals and childbirth administered by trained professionals, brain damage has been reduced dramatically.

    But is this true throughout the world? Not at all. A significant portion of the world is too impoverished to have access to what we consider "modern medicine." This just happens to be areas such as South America, Asia, and most of Africa, which (not coincidentally) are hotbeds for terrorism and religious extremism.

    To summarize, people murder because of brain damage, and that damage is caused by birth complications. The more we can advance medical science, the better the world will be.

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    2. Fletcher`


      AndrewB said:

      Most people who join the military are forced into it,

      You, my good sir, are the king of bullshitting. Now clean up your fucking mess.

    3. Sharessa


      With all this flip-flopping, AndrewB would never win any election.

    4. Ultraviolet


      ravage said:

      You, my good sir, are the king of bullshitting. Now clean up your fucking mess.

      Are you military? Are you a military dependent? Have you ever lived in a military community? I am doubting the stability of your bullshit-calling platform.

      Maybe "most" was the wrong word for him to use, but certainly many people in military service are there because they had few other options. The military makes sure these people have somewhere to sleep and food to eat, and if they've got a family they help take care of them, too.

      I think the number of people who join so they can LOL KILL STUFF is actually minimal. It's probably more common in wartime, but most career soldiers have probably been in longer than the current "war" has been going on. Before that, there was no assurance that you could join up and have anything to go out and kill.

      So don't ANYBODY try and say that people who join the army are perfectly willing to kill, know that at any moment during their service that it is extremely likely that they'll have to go out and get shot at, and that they're perfectly fine with that and it's why they joined up.