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  1. This thought just popped into my head like 30 seconds ago, so don't expect too much from this blog. Although I have felt this way for quite a while.

    Despite virtually every new computer game being 3D these days, very few of the games really take full advantage of the 3rd dimension. Almost all of them are bound to the concept of a flat landscape with gravity pulling in one absolute direction.

    For example, I want to see a game that involves space stations clustered to each other. It should be something akin to having artificial gravity pulling you constantly to the "floor," regardless of whether the floor is facing one side of the space station or the other side. We could, in essence, be required to travel from one station to other to complete whatever task or search for whatever item we need. However, the mere concept of a direction being "up" one minute and "down" the next would be refreshingly new to gamers. I thing that it wolud have the potential of being extremely new and fun because we would have this incredibly new challenge of keeping our directions straight.

    And perhaps, in the later levels of this imaginary game, the clusters could shift their connections to each other in a "rubix cube" type rotation, which would increase the challenge even more.

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    2. Nmn


      kristus said:

      Didn't Alien VS Predator let you run around in the celings and shit as a Alien?

      I can't recall the ability to shit in that game.. :)

    3. Xenaero


      Szymanski said:

      or it could make you feel sick like Descent.

      Descent > *

    4. insertwackynamehere


      Heh Ratchet and Clank II had a mini game on a tiny planet which was like a boulder that you could walk around. Also like I said earlier Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight had an awesome level called Falling Ship, where you were in a docked ship that was falling into the Valley Of The Jedi, and you had 15 minutes to escape. But the ship would rotate and move all around based on scripting, and you would be running across walls and the ceiling and stuff, plus things would be falling everywhere. And this was in an FPS, which made it even cooler.