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  1. I'll be researching benificial computer products for local businesses, repairing simple problems on-site (such as a person's monitor being unplugged and network drives being unmapped), and trying out all sorts of software. The company gets ALL Microsoft software (and I mean all of it) for free because of its long history in the business. If someone's RetailPro software doesn't work, then I get paid for phoning tech support.

    This is my first day, and I've already received a cell phone, PDA, and complete desktop computer to use at home. Apparently my boss wants to pay for high-speed radio-tower Internet at our house; we're currently on dialup. Today I'm being paid to play with the phone and PDA and figure out how to use them. The hours are flexible but steady (20 to 45 hours a week), and a lot of my work can be done from home.

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    2. Fletcher`
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      Amaster said:

      $15 canadian = $12.37 US (rounded up)

      Oh, thanks, I thought he meant real money for a second there.

    4. sgtcrispy


      Kick ass. Good job man!