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  1. Pros: High-speed internet, full-time programming job, 8-minute bus ride to/from place of employment, 35-minute walk to same place, 9-5, flex hours, dozens of local bars and pubs to go to on weekends, escape from loudmouth moron brother, intelligent people to associate with, will get new desk and chair.

    Negs: Less forest atmosphere, must give up inventory from previous job (including cell phone and computer), gross pay cut (although net pay gain when factoring expenses), no vehicle, no dog, must pay for new desk and chair.

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    2. Planky


      AndrewB said:

      A piano keyboard, duh. How do you think I made the music for Map24 of Freedoom?

      Yeah, I realised that a little to late :|

    3. Bucket


      UPDATE: Yay, the digital piano is here. It's got pretty good sound, a few features I'll never use. I also bought a multi I/O interface so I can do some live recording on the laptop. That should be fun.

      After playing the thing a few hours, my hands hurt already from trying to reach octaves and getting used to the key weight. I haven't touched a piano in YEARS. And here I am already beating the crap out of my keyboard.

    4. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      My life is pretty shitty but pretty awesome in a twisted sort of ying-yang.

      I have no job ATM, I still have my permit, I need a car. But, I've been smoking tons of pot, got a kick-ass dealer, made some new friends, refound an old one and have taken a lot of pics.

      Apparently, my camera can do B&W, B&W + blue, green or red only, then a red, green and blue filter, and sepia.