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  1. Right now I'm just getting comfortable again after my brand new desk just shattered. The keyboard slide-out tray ripped out of the desk because I was leaning on it. This, after I had to deal with an overflowing toilet (not my fault, I can prove it) and a cat pooped under my bed.

    But at least I finished implementing public key encryption for the cop car video transfer project, and the cute girl working at the coffee shop / lunch stand was trying not too subtly to get me to ask her out. Hmm, strange the way things go.

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    2. Bucket


      No, she's gonna put her laptop on it IF YOU KNOW WHAT ah fuck it.

    3. Linguica


      So did you ask her out or what.

    4. rf`


      Linguica said:

      So did you ask her out or what.

      [insert andrewb reason why not here]