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  1. Tonight I spilled half a glass of water directly onto the keyboard of my Dell Inspiron 8100. It's the 2nd time in its life that I've done this. Upon doing so, I immediately held down the power button for 5 seconds to turn off the system (figuring that safe shutdown was not really a priority). I then mopped up the liquid, took the computer apart and searched thoroughly for any droplets. I also aired out the keyboard in front of a fan for about an hour. In the end, I'm using the computer to write this message, so obviously all went well.

    I've been pondering how neat it would be to design a MMOTBA (text-based adventure) in MySQL5. After all, MySQL5 stores data and runs functions and does everything I might need to design a full online text-based game. I'm thinking of developing something without the medieval theme, without the tedious turn-based battle systems, or any real battle system for that matter, and with procedurally-generated areas. The focus would be on puzzle solving, exploring, item-finding, and character advancement. I suppose I should do my research first, though. You know, to make sure the exact same thing hasn't already been done.

    When you go out to a club and a girl makes her dance with you with your hands on her 'loupes for about an hour, does that mean she wants to lay you? I didn't reach any first-hand conclusion, but I'm assuming yes.

    Well, they finally killed Christopher. I should have seen it coming, but when a character is that great, it's always a bit of a shock. I really want to see how this thing finishes up.

    I'll be visiting my mom this Friday and will bring a belated mother's day gift. As usual, some expensive coffee and maybe a decent card.

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      Those Spiderman comic edits are fascinating, they have made so many and yet not a single one is funny. It's like watching a whole series of Catherine Tate, Little Britian or that other thing that just finished the other day that i can't even name it was so shit