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  1. I bought in for the maximum $200. I had terrible cards all night and one bad beat. In the five hours I played, I had AA once, 10-10 once, and AK twice. Those were my best starting hands. On one hand I went all-in with pocket 5s on a JJ5T2 board. I won that pot which was about $450 against a guy who had AJ. Then a few hands later I picked up the AA... Read More. The flop came something like 25Q rainbow. A guy made a pot-size bet and I put him all-in. He called and turned over QT. Well as it turns out he picked up runner-runner diamonds to win with a flush. That was about a $350 pot. Even though I lost I'm happy with that hand because I was an 80% favorite to win. Then my stack whittled down for the rest of the night as I never so much as picked up top pair.

    However, despite my bad beat and terrible cards all night, I'm happy to say that I came away with a $15 profit, even after drinks and tipping. It could have easily been a $350 profit if I had an average amount of luck. Maybe next time.

    Also, as my first time playing a live cash poker game, I definitely think the hardest part is keeping track of the pot size. The action is much harder to follow than online when everything is spelled out on screen.

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