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  1. I just felt like saying that I'm currently battling something called avoidant personality disorder. You can look it up. When you look up and down the list of typical symptoms, almost all of them apply to me. The ones that don't apply to me are "avoids social events" or "avoids jobs involving working with other people". Just about every other typical symptom is true, I think.

    I've been undergoing 1 hour per week of cognital behavioral therapy for the past 3 months or so. I was also referred to a more intense program which would have been group therapy involving an additional 2 hours per week, but this was unfortunately canceled due to the person running the course getting injured or something. As a result, I think, progress is going much slower than I would like.

    I also feel like mentioning that from a very young age, I was overexposed to feminism through my mom. Every time some cute girls in bathing suits appeared on TV, she would invariably say something like "that's just so demeaning and objectifying to women." Over the years I guess I got it drilled into my head that being attracted to girls and their bodies was wrong and sexist or something. The effects have been quite devastating. I can't even look in the general direction of an incredibly hot girl without feeling like I'm doing something creepy or wrong.

    My current strategies for dealing with the problem are as follows:

    1) Try to introduce myself to as many cute girls as possible.
    2) Try to think of events and places to attend to have as many opportunities of accomplishing 1) as possible and attend them.
    3) Try to talk to people using their names as often as possible.
    4) Try to say "hello" or "how's it going" to strangers, particulary cute girls, as often as possible.

    Number 2 is tough because my interests are very different than what most people have. I'm not a reader, music-listener, concert-goer, sports fan, or clubber. Number 3 is coming along quite well with a high rate of success and proving to show a noticeable difference in the way people respond to me. Numbers 1 and 4 are proving to be extremely different, running a success rate of about 10%.

    That's all I can think of at the moment.

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    2. ReFracture


      If/when you come back and mope about not being able to have kids, then I would give you some shit, but this isn't the case.. so I am really dumbfounded as to why people are making such a big deal about it now.

      7 years is a lot of time, it sure doesn't sound like an impulse, so people shouldn't criticize you for impulse decisions you didn't make.

      As for the real purpose you started this thread, yeah, I hate people personally, but I can deal with them. I can only partially relate to your issues.

    3. Use


      I hope you find your dog. And don't worry, the roads seem bad now but in a few months the thaw will come.

    4. DuckReconMajor


      Screw vasectomy, I'm getting castrated.